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Police in Siberia probing horrific abuse of toddler as staff member is sacked

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22 October 2014


A female teacher was sacked by the nursery with immediate effect. Picture: file image, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

POLICE in Siberia are investigating claims that a two-year-old boy was tied up at nursery school in a bid to keep him quiet during nap time.

Investigators in Nakhodka, in the far east of Russia, have launched a criminal case against a female teacher after the alleged incident was reported to them by the toddler’s mother. The woman, who has not been named, said she found her son had been bound by his arms and legs when she arrived at the kindergarten.

She said: 'I came to the kindergarten earlier than usual. I was going to pick my son up and came straight into their sleeping room. My son was in bed, covered with a blanket. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I lifted it up – his arms and legs were tied up'.

As the police investigation begins, it has emerged a female teacher was sacked by the nursery with immediate effect. Officers are looking at the case under the 'failure in teaching duties towards minors' section of the Russian Criminal Code. If convicted the teacher faces up to three years in prison and would be banned from ever holding a position within education again. 


Comments (4)

I sense there is some intentioned stirring going on here, making unfounded accusations.

You have already demonstrated that you have a tenuous grasp of logic, now you deem it appropriate to indulge in ad hominem attacks, why dont you go and crawl away somewhere and absorb some real knowledge.

Anyway I dont have anything niece to say about those like you jojnjo who spread hate and lies.
Lazar, Moscow
25/10/2014 02:15
Go away, Lazar, & laser someone else as I have little time for people who go around trolling & only opinion they offer is criticism, even if not warranted. My opinion is of the same worth as yours & Siberian times are the ones who make that decision, not you. I have given many fine comments to Siberian Times for their great news coverage & website.

Their orphanage story earlier this year wasn't a great story in that it carried very horrific facts & pictures that showed horrible cruelty. & angered many people as the wrong care of children in institutions is something that should be addressed, where ever it happens happens & my country has had it's fair share of it as well, but thank God, because of the people's insistence they cleaned up their act. And if new news of any such event comes about then those responsible are held to account.

Your mumblings of CIA rubbish is getting boring & just shows you have not much to say most of the time & all other times you have nothing to say!
jojnjo, Dublin
24/10/2014 09:04
jojnjo Let me give you a piece of free advice, if you are not happy with the quality of news in Siberian Times. Why dont you switch to one of the numerous CIA loving media outlets which spew out the same sort of mind-numbing propaganda you inflict on us here. This is publication for intelligent people.
Lazar, Moscow
23/10/2014 18:05
This is dreadful...just like the orphanage story you reported on, any more of an update on that same orphanage story, "Siberian Times"?
jojnjo, Dublin
23/10/2014 07:26

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