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'Ringleader' of gang 'stealing' metal from new iconic bridge is arrested

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18 January 2013


The most spectacular in Russia - Russky bridge island, Vladivostok. Picture: The SIberian Times 

But it's completion last year was hampered by a $3.2 million heist involving metal from its construction. According to police information, former security employee of Mostovik company Rafael Dzhavadov, 32, arranged a scheme for the illegal extraction and sale of the metal construction,' said a law enforcement source. 

Vehicles were permitted access to warehouses where the metals were stored. Dzhavadov coordinated a gang in stealing and selling the metal meant for bridge construction, it is claimed. He is now arrested and three other suspects are forbidden from leaving Vladivostok pending a trial. 

'Three members of the criminal group are the defendants in the criminal case, which was opened for a massive theft committed by the organized criminal group,' said a police spokeswoman.

The bridge was completed ahead of the APEC summit on Russky Island last September.

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