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USA beware as Russian sailors go on their own underwater manoeuvres in icy Arctic

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11 October 2013


So far the exact location and name of the vessel remains a mystery, as is the date of the incident. Picture: youtube 

The footage shows crew of a Northern Fleet vessel taking a dip in the bracing waters of what Russians call the Northern Icy Ocean. Two submariners strip off to their underwear and plunge into the chill from close to the submarine's coning tower. 

Igor Korotchenko, National Defence magazine editor-in-chief, wrote in his blog: 'Russian submariners from strategic missile carrying submarine of the Northern Icy (Arctic) Ocean - American submariners dream on! 

'Voila, a healthy body carries healthy spirit. These guys will carry any of our country's orders.' 

A submariner is shown engaging in some elaborate exercises as he dares himself for the dip. 'Refreshing isn't it,' says one.

'It's great!", comes the reply. 

Anticipating the interest from viewers, one of the polyarniki - polar explorers - says: 'The country's on the standby already! Where is the cameraman? Film us so that the flag is visible!' The cameraman is heard saying cautiously: 'No, I won't make it with the flag.'

One of the groups says to a swimmer: 'Hey look they are see-through, your pants!' 

So far the exact location and name of the vessel remains a mystery, as is the date of the incident. 

It is believed to be a Delta class ballistic missile submarine, of the type known as Del'fin. 

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must be a fake!!!
Alyona, Ukraine
12/10/2013 18:43

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