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Russia to open top security jail for leading terrorists and extremists in Siberia

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30 January 2013


'The personnel for the future jail is already selected. All people have experience of working with such type of prisoners in the European part of the country'. Picture: Russian Penal Authority for Krasnoyarsk Krai 

'It will be a special regime jail accepting people sentenced for terrorism and extremism', announced Vladimir Shayeshnikov, Chief of the Russian Penal Authority for Krasnoyarsk region.

The jail will be staffed by officers experienced at high security jails in western Russia. 

The move suggests a return to Siberian jail exile for prisoners regarded as the most dangerous in Russia.  In recent years, such inmates have often served their sentences in the Urals or further west. 

'It is not a great honour to have such a jail on the territory of Krasnoyarsk - but the decision was made,' said Shayeshnikov. 

'The personnel for the future jail is already selected. 

'All people have experience of working with such type of prisoners in the European part of the country.

'It will be a jail for 152 inmates, organised according to all modern standards.'

A building at the site of Prison Number Two in Yeniseisk is already equipped for the new prison.

'The prison meets all standards and requirements for dealing with such convicts,' he said. 

'It is ready to open once spring navigation begins in Siberia, after several more approvals are obtained.'

Yeniseisk with a population of 18,800 is located on the Yenisei River. 

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Return of the Gulag... The US practices 'extraordinary rendition'. Now Russia might begin practicing 'extraordinary detention'. They'll say 'bring us you most hardened cases and we'll put them away for ever in our new Gulag'. Siberia, the ultimate prison sentence. Well, every great place has its down side, its shadow... This is Siberia's. Has been ever since...?
Philip, UK
31/01/2013 14:51

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