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'Not to offend the jealous admirers of the Volga, but I have never in my life seen a river more splendid than the Yenisey'

Russian dancer van Dammes it between two Ladas on forest highway

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10 January 2014


Yuri Fedoruk, 22, from Novosibirsk. Picture: youtube

'Eat your heart out Van Damme,' Yuri said. The Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, 53, made the commercial for Volvo performing his daring stunt between two lorries. 

'The stunt is real and is performed in just one take,' said Anders Vilhelmsson, PR manager for the Volvo Trucks brand. 'It's a daring stunt but we had full control. There was never any real danger involved.'

Unlike in the Siberian version, he was hooked to safety lines that aren't visible in the film. Video director Andreas Nilsson said: 'We had him rigged so that if he would fall off he wouldn't die obviously. We didn't want to be responsible for killing the Muscles from Brussels.'

Fedoruk made his video to advertise the Action Dance Company of Novosibirsk, of which he is a member. 

Elena Bakaleinik, head of the troupe, said: 'It was filmed by all members of the band. The cars also belong to our dancers'. 

No safety lines here

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