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Scottish pony Success gets stuck in Siberian snow

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21 March 2017


Scottish pony Success gets struck in Siberian snow. Picture: Kemerovo rescue service 

For unclear reasons, the pony decided it was time to leave home in the city of Kemerovo.

Who knows if he was heading back to Scotland but anyway he chose the wrong route which led into a deep snow on the edge of the city. 

The animal, said to be a Scottish breed and possibly a highland pony, became hopelessly struck.

Rescuers help exhausted animal with a sledge ride. Pictures and video: Kemerovo rescue service 

A man walking his dog raised the alarm and rescuers eventually freed the tired Uspekh - or Success - but he needed a snowmobile and sledge to return to terra firma.

The rescue was caught on video.

The pony required treatment from a vet due to exhaustion but is now recovering well.

Comments (3)

What a lovely thing to see such careful caring behavior toward this Shetland Pony was a delight to see Now if we could get our governmental leaders to behave like proper citizens we are on our way to a better world (I wonder if Trump had a pony in Scotland/Putin does very well with horses)
Patricia Gothard, Laguna woods CA USA
24/03/2017 06:13
Definitely a Shetland Pony, small and extremely furry in the winter and full of mischief, like running away. Glad he's okay.
Victoria, USA
24/03/2017 05:32
Looks like a Shetland Pony, they are famous for there escape attempts when they are bored.
Giles Craven, Enland UK
21/03/2017 22:16

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