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Siberia to witness amazing comet show... your last chance to see it for 100,000 years!

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14 March 2013


A two-tailed comet should be visible with the naked eye on Friday and following nights in Novosibirsk, say astronomers. Pictured: two-tailed comet pictured in February 2009 by Richard Richins from New Mexico State University

The spectacular comet can be seen with a naked eye in good weather. According to the forecasts, weather will be fair on Friday,' said a source at the Siberian State Geodesic Academy Planetarium. 

The name C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) may not mean much to most of us. But this is the comet providing the entertainment above Novosibirsk and other locations on a similar latitude. 

'The bright spot beneath the Moon will be the comet, and its two tails can be seen through a telescope. 

'Comets are rather rare visitors. This one flies past the Earth once in every 100,000 years', the source said.

There is no danger to the Earth from the two-tailed comet. 

Comments (2)

wonder if the local observatory can post a video... mind you how do I find the local observatory @ first place is another question
peter j, UK
15/03/2013 19:14
not fair! why don't we see it
Pawel, Warsaw
15/03/2013 19:12

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