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'I love Siberian women, they are incredible'

Siberia's largest city says no to Cradle of Filth

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21 October 2014


Earlier radical Christian groups have targeted a number of extreme metal bands on tour in Russia. Picture: Cradle of Filth

Local Christian activists opposed the performance of the "satanic" band in Siberia's largest city. Reports said a snap raid by drugs police at the venue prevented the gig from proceeding in front of a waiting audience of 200 fans.

'I don't know what reason to give you to explain that the concert did not go-ahead. Write that it was a technical reason,' said tour organiser Viktor Zakharenko.

Many took to social networks to express their anger against 'Orthodox activists', asking if the next step will be to edit classical music concerts and censor local orchestra's for their choice of music. 

'Is this a new kind of business now, to sell all the tickets, then call these 'activists', cancel the show and not give money back?' asked a man named as Dmitri said on his Facebook page.

'I think now all Satan groups must take up the challenge and make it a matter of pride to come and sing in Siberia,' said Vera.

 Cradle of Filth are due to play four more venues in Siberia. 

Earlier radical Christian groups have targeted a number of extreme metal bands on tour in Russia, branding them offensive to the Christian faith which, if proven, is a criminal offense in the country. Marilyn Manson and American death metal legends Cannibal Corpse had shows cancelled in Russia.

Comments (3)

UNWISE! Actually doing this group a favour ! FREE publicity. Trust the young people of Novisibirsk to make their own choosing and judgements, obviously they are the future leaders of tomorrow.
Nothing worse than leaders who have never withnessed the worse or the best of life , or who set a standard based on ignorance and misunderstanding , BTW not my type of people ,but that's MY choice .
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
21/10/2014 13:02
These Christians should look after their own souls first...or take the plank out of their own eyes...if the group are sinners, it's up to God to judge them.

Another saying goes, "Judge ye not, lest ye be judged" & another, "Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone".

jojnjo, Dublin
21/10/2014 09:37
Have you ever noticed that formula used by many for getting rich simply involves in taking seven deadky sins, and finding a way to package and market them to the people. If you can present vice in the way that makes the person feel good about it, you will reap more profit.
Lazar, Moscow
21/10/2014 02:32

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