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'Kolchak was 'like an Englishman'-the analogy oddly recurs in an official Soviet account of the execution'

Snowmobilers get unbearably close to beast in outrageous stalking of animal just up from hibernation

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09 April 2018


The video shows unidentified snowmobilers tailing the bear - and, say experts, baiting it. Pictures here and below: The Siberian Times

It’s time time of year when bears are waking after their long hibernation. 

Hungry, they are searching for food. 

The video shows unidentified snowmobilers tailing the bear - and, say experts, baiting it.

They chase and get close and at one point the animal makes to attack but the snowmobile accelerates just in time. 

bear chase

bear chase

bear chase

The footage from Paramushir island brought a rebuke from the Deputy Minister of Forestry and Hunting, Danila Dudarev.

'This bear is not dangerous,’ he said.

’It has woken and is looking for food. 

‘The beginning of spring is quite a stress for the animals and people who chase a bear like this are acting unethically. 

‘This is the outrageous, unconscious behaviour of adults who, in pursuit of beautiful footage, for the sake of entertainment, chase the wild beast. 

‘Getting in contact with the bear, they do everything to make the predator lose fear of people. 

‘In future, this animal can throw out aggression on someone who will not be able to leave on a snowmobile. 

‘In April and May, bears go out from their dens. 

‘They are not dangerous, if people do not tease or chase after them.’

bear chase

bear chase

bear chase

The authorities found out the author of the video but since the group were unarmed no action can be taken. 

There were unsympathetic comments on social media. 

Alexander: ‘This shows when people are wilder than animals. Pity the bear didn’t get them.

Lev: ‘I wonder if they were fishing and the bear got too close, so they just scared him away. Bears are waking now, hungry, and very keen to munch on anything they can find.’ 

Vyacheslav: ‘Pity they were so lucky. I didn’t know idiots were permitted to drive snow mobiles.’

Maria: 'Dangerous games. I wonder if the bear gets back to wherever is their base and finds them again.’ 

Tikhon: ‘When there is no brain, there is no brain. Pity he didn’t snack on you, sorry to say this guys.’  

Dmitry: ‘When will people learn that one has to take care of nature.’ 

Comments (11)

Parabéns ao urso , Congratulations to the bear
Caii, Brasil
04/05/2018 06:37
This is the land of the bears and other species .The bears have always been there for a long time,they belong here,we don't have to go into their territory to disturb them,as we don't like to be disturbed in our life.
François de Salles, france
14/04/2018 23:51
From the video you can't tell for certain what exactly is going on. The behavior of these guys seems less nefarious and more like what Park Rangers and campers do all the time; chase bears away from the campsites. Bears are such a big problem in Yosemite National Park, campers bang on pots & pans, throw rocks etc, routinely. The Park Rangers even use electric cattle prods on the bears and chase them on foot.

These guys in this video got a LITTLE too close. Not a big deal.
Chuck, Portland Oregon, USA
14/04/2018 01:57
Moose, Washington state
12/04/2018 06:27
idiotic men!!!
Antonio Manca, Italy
11/04/2018 18:06
These are despicable forms of cruelty,I hope that these people will be brought to justice.They certainly behave in the same way around them.
François de Salles, France
11/04/2018 15:28
Don’t these a@$holes have any respect for anything. Take their snowmobiles away from them. Make them pay huge fines. Put them in jail.
Ed Jennings, Prescott, Arizona, US
11/04/2018 11:52
Seems Russian have no respect for bears in particular - why? and unsympathetic comments from people on social media about this cruelty... Lets just say when a Russian steps off the plane jet lagged in my country I think I am gunna chase one through the airport and out onto the streets when I can chase the Russian with my car.... Sound stupid, just acting like a stupid Russian bear hater
Grant HIbbs, Delta
11/04/2018 00:14
I absolutely agree with you!!!
Robert, France
10/04/2018 03:43
The wild is a world very hard for animals
Don't disturb them without a good reason ! .....Stupid boys!
10/04/2018 02:50
i wish the bear would eat them!!!!!!!!!
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
10/04/2018 01:28

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