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Spot the rare Amur leopard - the world’s most endangered big cat - hiding in this picture

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06 October 2019


Can you spot me? Picture: Land of the Leopard Nature Reserve

The cat was snapped at the Land of the Leopard Nature Reserve in the Far East of Russia, a national park set up to save this species. 

The amazing picture was taken by senior state inspector of the reserve Andrey Troyanov. 

If you need a clue, scroll down. 

There are only 86 adults and 21 adolescents known to be living in their natural habitat, and the future of the species as a wild - rather than zoo - animal depends on them.

While still highly endangered, two decades ago there were only 30 known adults after years of poaching during the Soviet era. 

Spot the rare Amur leopard - the world’s most endangered big cat - hiding in this picture 

Spot the rare Amur leopard - the world’s most endangered big cat - hiding in this picture

Spot the rare Amur leopard - the world’s most endangered big cat - hiding in this picture
There are less than 120 of these animals living in the wild. Pictures: Land of the Leopard Nature Reserve 

Around 100 years ago the cats populated all of the Korean peninsula and two provinces of China, as well as regions in eastern Russia.  

The Land of the Leopard Nature Reserve also protects endangered Amur tigers, the world’s largest big cat. 

Here, too, are populations of both brown and black bears.

But it is the leopard that is the most vulnerable. Still, if they hide as well as this one, then there are hopes for the survival of the species.

Spot the rare Amur leopard - the world’s most endangered big cat - hiding in this picture

Comments (12)

Not good enough for poaching, hunting and killing Amur leopards for body pelts and medicine, because it's cruel, and these beautiful rarest big cats are classified as critically endangered species. If humans dare kill more Amur leopards throughout the years or months, there won't be any left and they'll go extinct. Humans should protect the Amur leopards and breed them in centers so they'll have lots and lots of more babies so their population can grow again.
Sam Osborne, United Kingdom
30/01/2020 23:53
Unfortunately these exquisitely beautiful and majestic creatures like the snow leopard and so many others are victims of their own exceptional beauty.

This is reallly miraculous and definitely the most important news of the year if not decade! It goes to prove that everything is possible on this earth, and that where there is a will, there is always a way. And one perfect way in which to save and protect wildlife is to create nature reserves like this one; The Land of the Leopard Nature Reserve.

A huge big Amur Leopard hug and kiss to President Vladimir Putin, all the animal campaigners, the nature conservationists and the Land of the Leopard Nature Reserve who made this dream become a reality...

As Mahatma Gandi once stated "The greatness of a Nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated".
Anonymous, Switzerland
29/11/2019 02:56
It took a minute but I found the guy. My dad taught me how to hunt deer in the woods and since the forest environment geometrically shows you verticle lines (tree trunks) and triangles (tree leaves) for the most part you need to look for the one geometric shape rare in a forest. Horizontal lines, like the back of a deer. Once you find that horizontal line you brain fills in the rest and there you have it.

I'd never hunt one of these guys. They're magnificent.
Scrat335, Seattle USA.
20/10/2019 00:20
Some people just like to kill living me they are the lowest of the low. Destroying beautiful animal from a very safe THAT sport?
Giovanni, Itzly
13/10/2019 20:37
NEVER tell the place. the poachers will be there in no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
11/10/2019 23:25
omg i could not find it till a went down i have to do a project on endangered animals and i am doning the amur leopard
mariah, canada
09/10/2019 23:49
I wish people would stop killing these beautiful animals and just let their population come back up.
Ava Dodge, Califronia
09/10/2019 08:38
Fantastically beautiful creatures. Thank you for caring about them !
Patricia A. gothard, CAusa
08/10/2019 20:57
Wow now that is what I call camouflage, what a truly beautiful animal.
08/10/2019 15:51
You know, this is why I dispise humans! It's not about us!!! Animals also are here for a reason. Not for humans as a commodity for hunting, trophy hunting, nor killing them for there body parts and fur coats, CHRIST!!!
Janie Talalotu, Kalispell, Montana
08/10/2019 07:26
Perfect animal mimicry.....these spotted big cats are my favourite . Thanks to take care of them
Jocelyne, FRANCE
07/10/2019 14:07
Hopefully, the valiant efforts to save these gorgeous, critically endangered leopards will be successful. People working to do so deserve success. It's tragic these incredible animals have been decimated to such levels in the first place. When will humans stop destroying all other life forms on this planet for greed, irresponsibility & selfishness?! It's despicable!!!
Julia McDonald-Carberry, United States
07/10/2019 08:56

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