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'Average a Westerner can swim in lake Baikal is 1,5 minutes'

'State of emergency' over wolf attacks in Siberian region

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07 January 2013


Currently there are estimated to be around 4,000 wolves in a north-east Siberian region which is only slightly smaller than India. Picture: The Siberian TImes

A state of emergency was declared after some 16,111 deer and 314 horses were lost in 2012 threatening the livelihood of local breeders in Russia's largest region, reported news agencies.

The three month wolf hunt was announced Yegor Borisov, head of the republic, which is also known as Yakutia. It will start on January 15.

'People are worried like never before about massive wolves attacks on domesticated animals in all areas of the republic, including central ones,' he said. 

Currently there are estimated to be around 4,000 wolves in a north-east Siberian region which is only slightly smaller than India. 

In a cull last year,  hunters killed 730 grey wolves but the aim this year is to increase the number. 

Officials see the optimal number of wolf predators as around 500, warning that the damage they cause by attacking livestock costs 147 million roubles, around $5 million. Deer breeders lose around 10,000 roubles, or $330, per animal. 

The authorities have promised wolf hunters helicopters and munitions also with fuel and other equipment in the campaign to reduce the wolf population. 

A cash bounty will be paid for each wolf slaughtered in the cull, along with prizes for the three most successful hunters.

Comments (6)

the wolves need to be killed
mike, canada
21/06/2014 01:23
I am in no way an expert on any part of this. I do know things happen for a reason.
we being the dominant animal we should do the right thing and not use that money on ammunition and helicopters . Use that money to find the reason why this is happening " probable some thing we have done" and fix it or relocate them. It makes a lot more sense to try and save this world not destroy it any more than we have just because a bunch of hot heads want to shoot there guns and kill some thing. Its just sad to know we are the smarter being and see us do things like this. Who are we anyway?
Kristy Powell, Albuquerque n.m.
06/01/2014 07:06
isn't this the region that reported a "400" strong wolf pack eating this that and the other last winter. Forgive me for being sceptical of the motives and basis for this excuse to engage in a primitive blood lust against an unfairly demonized species.
Jimmy, Ireland
08/01/2013 07:21
If the number of wolves has increased this much, then they are running out of food. That is why they are turning on livestock. It is more humane to prevent starvation. Wolves multiply very fast.
Katy, USA
08/01/2013 06:55
I feel that Pimlott was sadly all too correct when he stated in 1968 that humans have a tendency to judge the ‘fate of other animals… on the basis of the materialistic aims and aspirations of one species’. I for one would certainly like to see the 'evidence' these claims are based on, preferably prior to an unsubstantiated and unnecessary slaughter.
Bryant, UK
07/01/2013 22:20
There's something weird about this story. Wolf experts in the West reckon only about 1 wolf hunt in 7 is successful. So wolves are permanently ptretty hungry. If the 'optimum number' is 500 (is this optimum from the perspective of balance of natutre or human tolerance...?) how come the estimate of actual numbers is 4000? That's a huge discrepancy... And are we sure that 16000+ deer and 300+ horses were all lost to wolves? How come? I'd really welcome an investigation here by a real wolf expert... Something is not 'right' in this story... Thanks for bringing it to us.
khananel, UK
07/01/2013 16:58

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