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'On the Eve of the First World War, the single Siberian province of Irkutsk was larger than all of India'

Stop playing with death, warn rescuers at the world’s oldest lake

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17 April 2018


‘This is a prime example of human stupidity' Picture: Evgeniia Zamsha

A strong warning was issued by rescuers after a short video was spread on social media showing a young woman jumping on Lake Baikal's melting ice floes. 

She squealed and squeaked as thawing ice sunk under her feet, as if this was an amusement park game.

‘This is a prime example of human stupidity’, said Dmitry Mironov, chief state inspector for small boats in Irkutsk region. 

‘One wrong move, and she could have been dead, as the lake is three metres deep where she was jumping. 

Dangerous jumping

Dangerous jumping

Dangerous jumping

Dangerous jumping

‘‘One wrong move, and she could have been dead, as the lake is three metres deep where she was jumping' Pictures: Evgeniia Zamsha

'The ice floes were very close to each other, she wouldn’t have been able to swim up. 

'We saw this video going viral online, and wanted to ask people please not repeat this.’

All 58 ice roads and crossings that people used during winter and early spring were recently shut all around the region. 



Baikal ice in April.  Picture: Yulia Speshilova

Despite multiple warnings, several days ago a man dared to cross River Belaya next to Novomaltinsk village. 

He fell in water some 15 metres from the shore.

Three local men rushed to rescue him, but tragically he drowned. His body has not been found. 

Every worker of Irkutsk Small Boat Inspection will be patrolling rivers and lakes until the water is completely clear of ice. 

Comments (4)

When I was young I and others did that on the ice of Lake Superior in North America. The difference...maybe 5 meters from shore, water was only a meter deep. We were young, not stupid.
Bruce Ripley, Duluth MN USA
23/04/2018 10:43
There were two fools out by the ice that day... the girl risking her life by dancing on the melting floes and the person making the video who didn't stop her.
Doc, USA
22/04/2018 09:36
I SO agree with you. An old college professor friend of mine would call this "Natures way of weeding out the stupid." Was at Oahu's North Shore several years ago when the Surf was Up so high it was washing over the road. Several loudmouths were cussing out the rescue workers for denying them their right to surf. "Fine," says the workers. "This beach is closed. We're going home." The loudmouths went home, too.
psylgar, Hallsville, USA
19/04/2018 12:37
and it is then the rescuers who have to put THEIR live at stake to save fools like that.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
18/04/2018 11:21

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