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'I've grown fat, got a tan & now look like a Siberian'

Sun blanked out in Arctic Siberia

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21 July 2018


Where is the sun? Their remote communities in Yakutia were plunged into darkness, even though they should have 24 hour light at this time of year

People from remote Eveno-Bytantaisky and Zhigansky districts turned to newspapers, begging local media to explain ‘the devilry’ of what happened. 

Their remote communities were plunged into darkness - even though they should have 24 hour light at this time of year. 

‘The sun went out around 11am, and didn’t come back until about 2pm. I couldn’t see a thing without switching lights on. We took torches to walk outside, but actually no-one wanted to be on the street because the feeling was as if something heavy in the air was pressing on your chest’, said one resident. 

After the sun returned, locals found  thick layer of dust covering everything outside. 

Sun blanked out  in Arctic Siberia

Two other versions are dust or ash from wildfires that have been raging over a territory of 12,500km2 since beginning of July

‘Water in open street barrels turned into a dirty mess. Water in lakes went black because of dust’, said an eye-witness.

Sun wasn’t visible in two neighbouring districts in the extreme north of Yakutia, but no other area of the republic reported the cataclysm. 

‘We wondered if this was an eclipse, but it can’t be something witnessed only by two districts. 

'Normally before any eclipse air temperature drops by 3,4 degrees centigrade, and true, that morning was cooler than usual. 

'But our area is always quite cold, so we didn’t pay special attention’, said Maria from a village in Zhigansky district. 

Sun blanked out  in Arctic Siberia

Sun blanked out  in Arctic Siberia

Sun blanked out  in Arctic Siberia
Eveno-Bytantaisky and Zhigansky districts of Yakutia 

Two other versions are dust or ash from wildfires that have been raging over a territory of 12,500km2 since beginning of July. 

Yet neither Eveno-Bytantaisky, nor Zhigansky district were close to the wildfire areas, and air was completely still on the morning it happened.

Comments (12)

Obviously, if from fire, _someone_ wdv reportd a smell \ Obviously, a cover-up \ Everyone, esp. locals, shd demand both chemical- & radio- analysis of the dust , & co-investigate what's being hidden from us \\
Waking-To- Kindness, USA
28/08/2018 03:21
Planet x
Tommi, Finland
28/07/2018 23:33
What about the bright flash of light that happened right before the darkness happened? It was apparently seen by satellites as well.maybe something detonated high in the atmosphere releasing the ashy substance that blocked the light from the sun. For it to be enough to block out an area the size of italy like they reported would have to be a massive massive amount. Some type of geoengineering device? Would a thermobarric (spelling?) Weapon test produce this type of effect?
DJ, Usa
28/07/2018 05:37
Why isn’t this a huge story? It was only by chance that I heard about it at all.
The fact that it happened in such a remote area makes me wonder if it was some kind of secret test. Nothing surprises me any more....
Can you imagine if this had happened over California, or along the East coast of the USA?
Margaret , Upstate NewYork, USA
27/07/2018 10:01
Analyze the dust to find the reason.
Edward, Prescott, Arizona, US
26/07/2018 12:33
It's people like Gea that make you wish natural selection was more prominent.
Liu, Zhian, China
25/07/2018 23:02
Obviously, the first sign of the polar shift! The earth axis has definitely tilted, even if it was for one day, it was like the earth fell out of balance. Damn, this aint good news.
Gea Breuker, Paramaribo, Surinam
25/07/2018 18:35
It happened the same here!1..! The scienists from Magadan explained it as a result from high consumption of vodka/ brandy/ rakia without meze.
Batushka, Bulgaria
25/07/2018 15:57
Im more than sure that they will test the water within and around the area its only common sense to test it but wake up people we are in the end times whether you are a believer or not everyone has to see that our skies and weather are becoming strange its no longer normal and if top scientist cant give us an explaination or tell us the truth then come on people that leaves us with one explaination we are experiencing the end times theres just too much happening to our planet someone is trying to get our attention
Frances Garcia, Imperial Valley
25/07/2018 11:45
Have you not heard we are in the end times? Wake up.
Adelaida Hand, Austin, Texas United States of America
24/07/2018 23:54
Geoengineering experiment?
Joseph, United States
24/07/2018 08:40
suppose the clever scientists can check out the dust and dirt or what it was. and then they should be able to say was it ashes from a wildfire, ashes from a volcano, wherever that came from. or was it just a freak of unexplained nature?
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
23/07/2018 11:09

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