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The 'Road of Bones' was damaged in ten places and suffered two serious washouts

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11 June 2013


27 vehicles were stuck, 88 people were stranded in cars and trucks, said the authorities. Picture: 

'According to reports of air reconnaissance, the roadway of the Kolyma Highway was damaged in 10 places', said the Russian Emergencies Ministry. 

'The roadway was washed out at the 353rd and 372nd kilometre marks, as well as at the 275th, 281st, 293rd, 298th, 329th, 346th, 370th and 375th kilometre marks'.

27 vehicles were stuck on the highways because of the flooding. A total of 88 people were stranded in cars and trucks, said the authorities. Suppies of food and drinking water were brought to the stranded motorists. 

'The restoration works continue,' said officials. 

Flooding caused problems in 100 areas where 269 people lived, said news agency reports. The victims moved to relatives or friends, dozens of houses in Tattin district were isolated with wooden bridges washed away and power lines downed. 

In Tompon and Amga districts, more than 100 houses were waterlogged. The work was expected to be completed on Tuesday, hoped the authorities. 

Nine sections and a bridge across the Migere River were also destroyed. The road is considered a memorial by Russians because the bones of the people who died while constructing it - including many political prisoners and victims of repression - were laid beneath or around it, interred in the fabric of the road.

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not the luckiest road in the world....
May, China
12/06/2013 14:53

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