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'I love Siberian women, they are incredible'

The tigress who came in from the wild because she needed a dentist

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31 January 2018


'The tiger spent all the day on Alexey's porch until the emergency team arrived.' Picture: PRNCO 'Tiger Center'

An exhausted Siberian tigress - one of only 500 still living in the wild - came out of the wild in Khabarovsk region and lay down on the porch of a house in the village Solontsovy, blocking the door. 

Resident Galina Tsimarno explained how her neighbour came across his unexpected visitor. 

'Alexey Khaideyev came across a tiger on his porch,' she said.

'He and his wife and grandmother live on the outskirts of the village, near the river and forest. He wanted to go out to the yard in the morning, but his door was pressed by 'someone' from outside. 




The big cat was sedated and transported to an animal rehabilitation centre in Alekseevka village, Primorsky region. Pictures: PRNCO 'Tiger Center'

'He began to push the door and heard a tiger growling. 

'He went back inside and started calling to all the emergency services.'

The big cat did not budge. 

She explained: 'The tiger spent all the day on Alexey's porch until the emergency team arrived.'

The big cat was sedated and transported to an animal rehabilitation centre in Alekseevka village, Primorsky region.

Here they found that the predator was female and probably around ten years old  - with severe teeth and gum problems.

Director of the Amur Tiger Centre, Sergey Aramilev, commented: 'The animal was extremely exhausted, but there were no visible injuries  from firearms. 

Tiger patrol

An emergency team of Amur Tiger Centre. Picture: PRNCO 'Tiger Center'

'However, there are problems with her oral cavity. The tigress behaved absolutely peacefully, as if she was waiting for human help. Nevertheless, the condition of a rare predator is severe and it needs urgent action.’

Ministry of Natural Resources head conservationist Yury Kolpak explained: 'The tigress is thoroughly exhausted. She has serious gum problems and there are no upper teeth.’

It is likely her tiredness is due to being unable to eat properly. 

'Now it is very important to provide the predator with qualified assistance.' 

Aramilev explained: 'We will not hide that the situation with the tigress is sad. Now everything depends on her. 

'In her current physical condition, it is deadly to put her into under an anaesthetic yet without this, it is impossible to carry out 'active' treatment. 

Siberian tiger

Siberian tiger pictured in Khabarovsk region. Picture: Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve

'The animal, though she came for help, does not allow us to approach to her. Now even injections are carried out remotely. 

'We really hope that the tigress will pick herself up and survive. For our part, we are doing everything possible.' 

She is at least eating and has been put on a diet of ground meat laced with antibiotics.

We will keep in touch with the progress of this brave tigress and report further on efforts to help her. 

The Siberian or Amur tiger species is under severe threat in the wild.

Only around 500 animals exist in their natural habitat in eastern Russia.

Numbers are rising but the species is under threat of extinction from a sudden spread of disease.

Comments (11)

Eva, Taiwan
03/02/2018 11:29
Hope you can help her. If she can't eat putting her in a zoo would be best. She came for human help, so we have to help her. You should have a Pay Pal or crypto address to donate. I'm sure the whole world wants to help.
Robert Olin, Clinton, USA
03/02/2018 06:56
Can someone from Russia say what is in this story? It looks to me like this is not the first time a tiger has appeared in this "Solontsovyy" (Солонцовый) village, Google Translate says this one named "Тихоню" ("Tikhon") ate 9 villagers in 2016?!? ("зверь съел у сельчан 9 собак.")
Greg, Los Angeles, USA
02/02/2018 07:24
Please keep me informed, ,hopefully she doesn't go to a Zoo,,that would kill her,,hoping a reserve or something,where she's not caged.. Thank you to all who helped her!!
Penny Baker , Northfield Mn. USA
02/02/2018 07:22
When strong enough she should be given dental tooth implants after infection is treated and deceased tissue has healed. People get them. Why not the Nobel majestic tiger?
Dan, Usa
02/02/2018 06:30
It's not a real wild tiger. She knows humans, I think she is cept in a kind of enclosure by careless people. They let her go or she managed to escape.
Branko, De
02/02/2018 02:32
Please see updates on the tigress at Instagram account @amurtigercenter. She feels a bit better
Ksusha, Omsk
01/02/2018 17:30
The doctors at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida work with tigers on dental issues hen necessary. It is an amazing podcast through
Meg, United States
01/02/2018 05:50
Have they decided what to do with the tiger?
Tim, Raleigh, USA
01/02/2018 04:20
Yes, they should consider seeing if she could adapt to living in a tiger compound. She could be studied, maybe even bear young and she could be cared for.
Bill Michael, Elizabethtown, KY USA
31/01/2018 22:27
wonder how long she will survive in the wilderness. no mincer there and no butcher who will ground up a carcass of deer.... may this time it would be indeed better to keep her in a good zoo? where she will get mince or soft boiled eggs every day?
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
31/01/2018 18:58

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