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Tragedy as 9 killed including 7 children as their vehicle is swept away as they cross river in Tuva

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12 July 2019


The dead include at least seven children aged 8 or under. 

The dead include two women and at least 7 children, it was reported today.

Another woman is missing, presumed dead. 

Two men survived, said reports.

The families were going on vacation, according to one version. 

River crossing

Police at the scene


Vehicle was swept away by Shui river. Emergency medical staff including a helicopter were rushing to the remote spot. 

A UAZ vehicle was swept away crossing a river between Teeli and  Dustug-Khem villages in mountainous Tuva republic in southern Siberia. 

The dead include at least seven children aged 8 or under. 

The age of the seven dead child was not immediately clear.

Emergency medical staff including a helicopter were rushing to the remote spot where the accident occurred. 

Sayzana Salchak with daughter Ugulza

Urana and Ugulza Salchak

Chayzat Salchak

Among the victims is Salchak family: mother Sayzana and her kids Urana, Ugulza, Roza and Chayzat. 

Two local families were decimated by the accident - the Salchaks and the Orzaks. 

The head of the region Sholban Kara-ool in a message said earlier that ten people had died. 

They were ‘trying to cross the Shui River’ in an off-road vehicle near  Odurug, he said. 

'These are two families,’ he added. 

Chaimaa Oorzhak

Aidyz Oorzhak

Chaimaa Oorzhak was Sayzana's younger sister and she traveled with her little son Aidyz. 

He implied that the accident was due to a breach of safety rules. 

'I am mourning together with residents of Bai-Taiga, (and) asking the families and loved ones to be strong,’ he said. 

‘I am asking you, fellow countrymen, to comply with safety regulations, do not put your family in danger, and not to forget about them.’

Olga Khomushku

Among the victims was also Olga Khomushku with some child, she was Sayzana's and Chaimaa's relative.

He urged his compatriots to ‘take care’.

The victims are reported to include: Sayzana Salchak, 36, Urana Salchak, 8,  Ugulza Salchak, 7, Roza Salchak, 4, Chayzat Salchak, 2, Chaimaa Oorzhak, 26, Aidyz Oorzhak, 8, Olga Khomushku, 42, and another child aged 4 with the family name Khomushku and another one child.

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