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Two Himalayan bear cubs freeze to death after woodcutters wake mother bear

By The Siberian Times reporter
16 February 2020

The cubs were several weeks old when the frightened mother was forced to flee the den.

The cubs were several weeks old when their frightened mother had to flee the den. Picture: arstv

The cubs were found by hunting experts who patrolled forest at Anuchinsky district in the Far East of Russia.

Police have established the identities of the men who disturbed the bear, but not released the names. 

An administrative investigation has been started. 

It is not clear how many men were responsible for disturbing the animals. 

Two Himalayan bear cubs freeze to death after woodcutters wake mother bear

Two Himalayan bear cubs freeze to death after woodcutters wake mother bear

Two Himalayan bear cubs freeze to death after woodcutters wake mother bear
Himalayan bears pictures in the Far East of Russia in late Autumn before hibernation, and in summer; a tree 'opened' by a Himalayan bear in the Far East of Russia in search for honey. Pictures: The Siberian Times, S.Kolchin

One of the locals familiar with the case was cited by VladNews website claiming the woodcutters were drunk. 

‘The guys got drunk after cutting logs and went for a walk about the woods,’ said a source. 'They came across a den and thought it would be a great idea to wake up the bear. 

‘They didn’t succeed at first, but then the mother bear woke up, got out and lashed aggressively at them. 

‘The men defended themselves with a chainsaw, wounding the bear which fled the spot.’

The Siberian Times was told by Dmitry Pankratov from the regional department for Wildlife Control, Protection and Regulation that the mother bear survived the encounter. 

‘We confirm that these two cubs were abandoned by their mother who got scared by the woodcutters. The mother bear is alive, but she never came back to the den’, he said. 

Comments (14)

Why you got drunk and overflowing emotions to them. It just really can't relate.
Paff, Indonesia
01/03/2020 21:32
Is the mother bear okay? Can we have an update?
Michael andrews, Australia
01/03/2020 04:27
Such a cruel and senseless act. These men deserve to serve time in prison.
Yvonne Murphy, Australia
29/02/2020 17:32
This story shows depravity and lack of human conscience; coupled with desensitization

of alcohol. These two men whose selfishness and cruelty caused the death of two innocent newborns and physical and emotional torture to their mother deserve the same evil treatment.

May the sound of their own chainsaws and the pain of the mother haunt them every night for the rest of their lives and with every drink they take from now till death.
Wendy Dokos, Utah, U.S.A
29/02/2020 07:09
This is an insanely cruel trick by hoodlums who need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law or beyond. They murdered two babies and broke the heart of the mother. It is true that animals cry and mourn over the loss of their loved ones just like humans do. It is a heartbreaking thing to see. It is good to see that there are so many people passionate about wildlife on this site, but it is the law who can do something about it, and they must!
Anonymous, United States
21/02/2020 03:57
A sad story
Alex, Sweden
21/02/2020 00:35
A real tragic story. Zero tolerance for alcohol abuse and drug abuse; it not only destroys it's consumers lives, but the lives of innocent victims...

In this case, the life of a poor defense less mother bear fiercly trying to protect her babies and the consequent death of the latter.

RIP baby sweethearts; keep safe Mama bear and a few years of freezing and starving in a Siberin prison for the thugs responsible.
Anonymous, Switzerland
19/02/2020 18:34
These bozo's need to be punished. They ruined 3 innocent lives.
John Leaver, LaConner Washington / USA
19/02/2020 07:18
That was a really clever thing to do then wasn’t it?
What goes on in peoples heads that they would do something like this. The animal kingdom is fragile at times and these low life’s have ruined 2 little bears lives.
Damn ridiculous.
Paul Troalic, Jersey
18/02/2020 23:02
Geeze, if they're not being hunted by the Koreans or hauled into "bear bile farms" by the Chinese they have to deal with drunk russians..these guys can't catch a break...
Matthew, New Zealand
18/02/2020 09:00
What those 2 ignorant despicable idiots did should be punishable to the fullest of the law. Not only did they wound an majestic creature that was in no way any harm, they murdered two innocent little cubs that did nothing but be born into a very cruel obviously uncaring world. Maybe they should be left out in the cold to freeze as their punishment.
Debra Doherty , Prince George, Briish Columbia , Canada
18/02/2020 03:49
People should know that there's no difference between lives of humans to lives of animals. How do we call humans civilised or intelligent humans if they cannot understand that animals too are fully conscious sentient beings just as we humans who feel pain, and sorrow have feelings of love sadness etc.? At least the next generation should be taught to be kind towards every kind, not just humans and cute looking pets and be truly refined sophisticated compassionate people.
Himaddri Halgamuwa , Colombo, Sri Lanka
17/02/2020 13:48
It is obvious that harrassment is accepted, but these two, (2), little lives paid for two fully grown men to have their fun. How fun is it to die freezing as a newborn~? I pray for Justice at the expense of these two, (2), little cubs and their mother. NOT FUN TO DIE IN FREEZING SNOW~!
Renee, Spokane, WA/USA
17/02/2020 04:40
Hope these wood cutters are punished with time in prison. Disturbing the bear intentionally and using a chainsaw on it is cruel and they deserve it.
SteveC, Odessa, United States
17/02/2020 02:44

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