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'The Yenisey is powerful, furious hero who does not know what to do with his strength and youth'

Vasya the cat chases away a brown bear in the woods of Eastern Siberia

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04 August 2021


The cat did not budge even when the bear stood high on its hind legs to mark a pine tree, towering above the tiny feline. Picture: Sergey Tarasov

The astonishing video of a humble domestic cat winning a territory battle with a young brown bear was filmed on 31 July by a group of fishermen in the north of Irkutsk region. 

The friends were having a party after a day on the Angara River near Ust-Ilimsk, when a brown bear approached their camp.

The predator was several metres away from the campfire, when cat Vasily, or Vasya, taken along on the trip as a companion, pounced forward and stood between the humans and the bear. 

The video filmed by angler Sergey Tarasov shows the puffed up cat with its back arched and tail up standing firmly in front of the puzzled predator.

The cat did not budge even when the bear stood high on its hind legs to mark a pine tree, towering above the tiny feline. 

The anglers who all sound happily intoxicated are heard trying to make the cat retreat.

‘Vasya go away from there I said! Look at it, it just keeps standing up, and it doesn’t even move! I didn’t know I had such a fearless cat!’ - says the cat’s female owner. 

‘Yes, and you scold it (at home) for tearing wallpaper!’ - her male companion answers.

After a several minutes long stand off the brown bear left the camp, with the cat seen eyeing its back and not moving until the hefty creature vanished from sight.

One of the fishermen is heard saying: ‘Well done Vasily Vasilyevich! This is it, you are on the front page! The biggest piece of meat is yours!’

Vasya the cat chases away a brown bear in the woods of Eastern Siberia 

The video was shared by a friend who explained why the anglers didn’t move during the cat and the bear encounter. 

‘Do you think they were supposed to stand up or run away? Then the bear would have definitely chased them. 

'My friends were by the fire, and were ready to use it. 

'Bears wouldn’t usually go to fires, plus the smell of smoke scares them. 

'I’d say well done to my friends for behaving calmly. They didn’t twitch, didn’t wave their hands. 

'The cat stood between the owners and the bear. Well done! 

'No matter how small the cat is, its threatening posture and sound scare away large animals, I’ve seen cases like this on internet’, said resident of Ust-Ilimsk Vladimir Vlasov.

Comments (8)

Vasya, Russian pronunciation "Vasja" is nickname for Vasily (Basil of Greek origin) My Siberian Kitten's name!
Any Siberian person should know this video is authentic as is the cat's name :)
marion, RUTLAND, VT
11/03/2022 20:57
My little black cat, Foot Foot, has warned me about bears on my home in Alaska. Vasya, brave kitty!
Brad Babic, United States
01/09/2021 13:32
The woman clearly calls the cat Vas ka. Whatever it's name, that is an amazing cat.
Maxine R, Everett WA, USA
07/08/2021 03:15
@b70822 Do you even tried to listen to the video? Try it, please - turn on the volume
Alexander, Novosibirsk
07/08/2021 01:48
Who was that "The Siberian Times reporter", I wonder? A foreigner, I think. The Russians never call their cat "Vasya" - never! "Vas'ka" is the used cat's name. A very big can may be rarely be called "Vassily" out of respect, but not "Vasya"
b70822, Siberia, Russia
06/08/2021 19:40
Thanks for sharing.
David B. Benson, USA
06/08/2021 11:05
..Black panther !...feline is féline.
Jocelyne, FRANCE
05/08/2021 14:21
the people did the right thing. stayed by the fire. wild animals are indeed afraid of fire ans smoke. and the bear would never have come close. And Vasili? he judged the distance between him and the bear correctly. and should the need have arisen, Vasili for sure would have been quicker up a tree than a bear...
Benedikt MORAK, Russia
05/08/2021 10:55

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