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Snow tsunami shows winter arriving, as pictures show ice halo and noodles in the Siberian cold

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12 November 2018


Snow tsunami covers Siberia. Picture: Sergey Korotchenko

A time-lapse video from residents of Krasnoyarsk catches the arrival of one of the first snow storms over the city. 

In the middle of the day a snow tsunami came, turning the temperature from 3C to -6C in a few hours.

Winter will bring much harsher temperatures but for now see the dramatic arrival of snow blanketing the surrounding mountains then blotting our the city. 

On social media people wrote that it resembled the Game of Thrones, namely the appearance of white walkers - the army of the living dead. 

They left dozens of comments with quotes from the series, like: 'Winter is coming, and a Lannister always pays his debts.’

Ice halo in Norilsk, Siberia

Ice halo in Norilsk, Siberia

Ice halo in Norilsk, Siberia

Ice halo in Norilsk, Siberia

Ice halo, otherwise known as 'frozen light' pictured over Talnakh and Norilsk. Pictures: Ilya Kalinskiy, Andrey Gaiduk, Demyan Bulavinets

Further north in the same Krasnoyarsk region is the Arctic city of Norilsk. 

Here resident Demian Bulavinets caught the natural seasonal  phenomenon of ‘light pillars’.

This is a harbinger of winter.

In Norilsk, it was already down to -25C.

As he posted: 'We know from childhood that if the light goes up like a pillar, then it is to herald frost.’

This is an atmospheric optical phenomenon in the form of a vertical band of light appearing to reach above or below a light source. 

It is caused by tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere or clouds.

frozen noodles

frozen noodles

Frozen at -30C instant noodles hold a fork. Pictures: lanefdesfous70

As the temperature sank further another Norilsk resident nicknamed lanefdesfous70 exposed his dinner of Korean noodles to the cold. 

The fork with the noodles took just four minutes to freeze, while the spicy base of his meal took half an hour. 

Comments (4)

The vertical ice halos are a fascinating optical study. You see them the same with the bare eye, as we see in the pictures? And the moon creates unusual optical effects too?

Question: Does Siberia see the Milky Way well, often? I have read that in Alaska, the night sky generally has a slight diffuse glow, related to the Aurora (even when there isn't one), and that therefore faint stars and the Milky Way are less visible than in more-southern regions.

Is it like that in Yakutia too?
Ted Clayton, Forks WA, USA
18/11/2018 08:21
in about 18 months, the chance is very real that the methane accumulations in the Arctic will ignite, the fire will be like no fire ever imagined before, you and yours will have about 6 days to evacuate to an area below 45 degrees north latitude.
bernie, 38 degree N 90 W
15/11/2018 13:02
winter comes every year, like Christmas, the birthday or New Year. And catches people by - surprise - and - not ready yet, we did not think of it- every year.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
14/11/2018 01:30




姚剑申, 巨鹿/中国
13/11/2018 07:42

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