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Western sanctions no worse than mosquito bites in Siberia

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25 June 2014


Were you talking about us? Mosquitos wait for a prey at a house in Kolyma region. Picture: Leonid Aleksandrov

The president of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin compared Western sanctions with feelings he gets from mosquito bites in Siberia. 

'It feels approximately as having mosquitos in Siberia. Yes, it bothers but everyone lives with it. And the more mosquitos, the more fish,' he joked in Vienna when asked how sanctions - he was personally targeted - have impacted on him.

'It is unpleasant from a purely personal point of view', said Yakunin, who is the ultimate boss of the world famous Trans-Siberian railway.

'From the point of view of rational co-operation, my working contacts with European colleagues demonstrate that you can't fool people. They understand perfectly well what is bad and what is good.'

He also explained that sanctions bring 'no joy', adding: 'Russian Railways does not need this at all.'

Yet 'the policy of the Americans in Ukraine is much more unpleasant for us than these sanctions'.

Comments (4)

I just returned from a trip to the far east in July.

The mosquitoes were nothing short of incredible and unexpected. Here we call them gnats and they are generally only a nuisance. In Siberia they also suck blood, leave welts, and attack in swarms.

I have been an outdoorsman all of my life, and am not usually much bothered by flying insects. However, I have never experienced anything like this. And it was in the middle of a relatively large city.

Piece of advice. If you are going to Siberia or the far east. Bring permethrin treated clothing and serious repellent. And if going into the back country, bring a bug suit.

You have been warned.
J, Charlotte NC
27/07/2015 14:10
Russia is an enormous country with enormous natural resource but with a poorly developed infra structure. So why bother with Ukraine in view of all the problems that Russia suffers domestically.
Last time I checked in spite of the dominating roll of my adopted country it has never stolen or permanently occupied a foreign country. America just want people to make their own free choices. Russia had a choice to make Eastern Europe free, democratic and prosperous after WW2 instead they were building walls and leaving Eastern Europe in a total economic mess and making people join NATO to prevent aggression from Russia..
The Siberian Times is an incredibly good paper and I really enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.
Bo Rosberg, Madison, Alabama
17/11/2014 05:07
I didn't expect the senseless Sanctions would mean much, just a propaganda tool from some western leaders!
Horst Klaus, St. Catharines, Ontario - Canada
19/07/2014 03:38
We could not agree more and is exactly as we ourselves have concluded.

My maternal and paternal family are all across Ukraine and Russia and we cannot understand the hatred that has been instigated amongst 'brothers' in this land. Of course we know who has caused as this and America has dug a grave for itself and they will have to face the consequences on the day of judgment.

Thank you for your article and is much appreciated. It truly breaks my heart as to what is happening.

God bless you all and keep you all safe with His wisdom to guide you all.
Valentyna, Perth, Scotland
29/06/2014 13:33

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