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Where’s Mum? Search for tigress as three lonely Amur cubs are filmed on road

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21 November 2019


Experts from several Amur Tiger conservation centres in the Far East of Russia have said unanimously that the cubs will not survive alone this winter off their mother has been killed

The healthy-looking cubs were filmed on a snowy road in Primorsky Krai by a driver who then shared the video with the region’s Amur tiger experts.

Their exact location has not been disclosed to protect them from poachers. 

The cubs did not seem to be scared of a man who filmed them as they sat on the road and then slowly made their way into the woods. 

Experts from several Amur Tiger conservation centres in the Far East of Russia have said unanimously that the cubs will not survive alone this winter if their mother has been killed. 

‘They are much too young to get through the winter on their own’, said specialists of the Amur Tiger centre outside Vladivostok. 

Specialists of local hunting watchdog are in the area checking for the mother’s tigress. 

Should she not be found, the cubs will have to be caught and cared for. 

There is no information about the mother yet.

Usually families with such big litters are closely watched with each tigress named to help the monitoring. When a mother tigresses is away hunting, she leaves cubs in a quiet place far from roads. 

Search for tigress as three lonely Amur cubs are filmed on road
A pair of skinned paws of a grown-up Amur tiger was stopped on Russia's border with China. Picture: FSB Russia

 Recently a pair of chopped and skinned paws of an Amur Tiger were stopped by FSB at Russian border with China. 

The poachers were detained, they explained that the cargo which also had dozens of chopped Himalayan bear paws was supposed to be used for either medicinal or culinary purposes. 

There are less than 600 Siberian - or Amur - tigers living in the wild in their native habitat in eastern Russia.

The species was hunted close to extinction by poachers but is now making a comeback. 

Comments (3)

I just wanted to echo the well put words of Donald Petkus above. I've been enraged about the state of numerous species under threat by the ignorance and greed of Chinese and Asian cultures, or at least a part of them. They should do more on their end, such as following suit of S. Africa with long prison terms for anyone caught with endangered species body parts. Let's just hope the wildlife authorities in Siberia can save these cubs and part of the future of the magnificent Tiger. My first hope is for the mom to return from her hunting trip. Thank you for keeping us aware of this situation.
John Shutz, United States
03/12/2019 00:50
It is disgusting that such wonderful animals are slaughtered to produce bogus folk medicine aphrodisiacs.
Donald Petkus, Bloomington , Indiana USA
23/11/2019 21:44
It is so sickening to think that such an ancient cvilization and culture like the Chinese one, can be involved in such a massacker of beautiful innocent creatures. I sincerely hope that the detained poachers who slaughtered those poor creatures will receive maximal punishment for their crimes.

South Africa has made a clear statement to Rhinoceros poachers by sentencing them to up to 77 years inprisonment. Such barbaric acts are not tolerated today. I trust that Russian authorities will do likewise.

Knowing that there are only approximately 600 Siberian tigers in the wild, I hope and pray that this mother tigress is found alive, because every life counts when there are so few to count for.

Thank you for not publishing the exact whereabouts of those adorable baby cubs fo their protection and thank you too, to the local hunting watchdog for her ongoing search.

Please keep the public posted on any update to this heartbreaking story. Lets hope that it will have the fairytale happy ending, which it deserves...
Anonymous, Switzerland
23/11/2019 01:09

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