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Paedophile used his five foster daughters as underage sex slaves 'committing 729 rapes'

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23 June 2017


Under Russian law, the man faces a maximum of 15 years in jail if convicted of rape

The horrifying case in Komsomolsk-on-Amur involves girls aged 17 and under who were fostered to the unnamed man by a local orphanage, says the Russian Investigative Committee. 

The alleged paedophile has been detained as 729 separate allegations against him are all investigated under article 131 of the Russian criminal code - rape. 

Reports citing law enforcement sources say the man forced four of the five girls to succumb to his sexual demands on a daily basis. 

The identities and exact current ages of the girls have not been disclosed, but all are believed to be 17 and under. 

Nor is it clear at what age the girls were allegedly initially sexually abused. 

Widower used his five foster daughters as underage sex slaves
The identities and exact current ages of the girls have not been disclosed, but all are believed to be 17 and under

Officials of the local child care service are also under criminal investigation for approving fostering arrangements with a 'lonely' man whose wife had died, and appeared to have the sole intention of sexually exploiting the children. 

They are suspected of failing to monitor the fate of the girls who had been at an orphanage in Khabarovsk region before he became their 'guardian'. 

The man is believed to have been paid by the state some 20,000 roubles ($335) a month for each girl in his care. 

This means he received 100,000 roubles or $1,675 a month for caring for the girls he allegedly sexually abused. 

Ilya Gudkov, from Khabarovsk Regional Investigative Committee, said: 'The violent sexual actions of the foster father are now under investigation according to article 131 - rape. 

'According to preliminary information, between September 2012 and February 2017 the man regularly committed heavy sexually violent crimes against the five children of which he was the guardian. After an appeal by the investigators, the court ordered the arrest of this man.'

Gudkov said: 'During the investigation we will check the fostering procedure of each girl.

'We will establish reasons and circumstances that led to the crimes, including the responsibility of the child care authorities. 

'We will check if they properly followed the living conditions and up-bringing of the girls in the foster family.'

Widower used his five foster daughters as underage sex slaves
Ilya Gudkov, from Khabarovsk Regional Investigative Committee

Igor Komissarov, senior assistant to the chairman of Russian Federal Investigative Committee, said: 'It was established that the suspect committed 729 crimes to the five fostered girls. 

'The crimes took place from September 2012 to February 2017.'

A local news agency reported that the 'scandalous criminal story' came after 'a lonely man was quietly allowed to become a guardian of five underage girls'.

Another report stated: 'The paedophile who was raping his five fostered girls was arrested in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. 

'The maniac was found with the help of one of those girl who told her school about the situation at her school.

'The five underage girls became victims of this home tyrant. 

'Their foster parent performed regular violent sexual actions towards them. The man who fostered five girls from a local orphanage turned them into his sexual slaves. 

'The details of this horrible story came out when one victim could not bear this constant violence any more - and shared her story with teachers at school. 

'They immediately contacted police who took quick actions and detained the paedophile.'

Widower used his five foster daughters as underage sex slaves

Widower used his five foster daughters as underage sex slaves

Widower used his five foster daughters as underage sex slaves

News site stated: 'It is very strange that the child care authorities were not suspicious about a lonely man who was adopting girls one by one.

'All five 'step-daughters' became the victims of his violent sexual actions. 

'To four girls out of five he did this almost every day. 

'One victim finally became brave enough to tell her school about the situation in her 'good family'. All the other girls confirmed the words of their 'sister'.'

Under Russian law, the man faces a maximum of 15 years in jail if convicted of rape. 

Later reports said the man lived with a woman - who was not his wife - and that she had fostered three boys while the girls were in his name.

The pair also had three children between them, making a 'family' of 11, it was reported. 

The man and woman had received awards and commendations for successfully fostering the children, it is understood.

Alla Kuznetsova, education minister of Khabarovsk region, said repeated inspections had not shown any problems. 

'In the case of this very family, there were no alarms at all,' she said.

'Those five girls for whom the man was guardian have been sent back to the orphanage.'

Comments (3)

That guy must've been the happiest guy around for those 5 years. 729 times! I think its worth whatever he gets. Imagine the fun he had, and i'm sure it wasn't torture for the young ladies.
Tom, California
08/03/2020 18:59
E' lamentavel e muito revoltante que as autoridades responsaveis por esse orfanato não monitorassem o bem estar dessas crianças quando foram adotadas. Essas vitimas de pedofilia vão carregar esses traumas por toda a sua vida alem de perderem a sua infancia. O ser humano esta' se tornando cada vez menos confiavel. Os orfanatos precisam ser mais rigorosos e selecionar melhor candidatos a adoção.
natercio silva, Guaratuba - Parana' - Brazil
01/07/2017 01:22
Mark my word, this is happening under your noses all over Russia because children are thrown anywhere to be fostered just to get them out of orphanages for the next batch to be admitted. There are no checks & balances and only for the brave child that came forward, it would still be happening to these children. It is disgusting what goes on & the authorities put their noses up in the air...not wanting to take responsibility. Thanks be to God, the child who came forward was believed. Tonight I read,police in Australia charged the Cardinal of that country with sexual abuse charges during the seventies, etc; it just goes to show pedophilia is rampant worldwide and children are left with forever destroyed lives. Words "Fail me".

I hope these children get the councelling they need to help them in the weeks, months, years as to heal from the terrible abuse meted to them in this awful way by this gurrier (thug) and I hope he never the light of day to ever harm another child.
Jaker, Dundalk
29/06/2017 12:02

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