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'In the winter he skated and Nadya thought him rather too showy with his style of strutting like a chicken'


We are proud to introduce The Siberian Times Partners, and welcome other media agencies from across Siberia, along with businesses and governmental bodies, to join us in promoting and showcasing our vast and stunning region of Siberia. 

New technologies, New trends, New possibilities

Development On The Edge, offshore software development

  'Development On The Edge' helps businesses succeed in meeting these key challenges.

   We're committed to the highest level of expertise in areas seen by some as revolutionary,
   and to bringing the latest technology to customers in the real world. 

   Our services promise best value for companies traditionally bypassed or ignored by the
   technology mainstream.

   We provide offshore software development services in numerous areas including
   e-Commerce and Software as a service systems, B2B, B2G and B2C integration solutions,
   enterprise management systems and many others. 

   Do you have ideas you don't even dare think can be implemented? With us they can -
   at a cost much less than you'd expect. All you need for that are talented and hardworking
   people keen and able to realise your ideas. 

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