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Siberian company tests medicine for countering Ebola

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20 November 2014


The tests will be completed in mid-January 2015. Picture: Vector Media

The medicine 'Reaferon-LIPINT' is to be urgently tested on Ebola-infected animals amid hopes it can be effective against the deadly infectious virus. The Russian pharmaceutical company 'Vector-Medica' is conducting trials to get 'reliable data on the drug's ability to inhibit viral replication in cell culture and animals'.

It is being monitored for its ability to prolong life and prevent death from Ebola. The tests will be completed in mid-January 2015. 

Reaferon-Lipint is antiviral drug developed by 'Vector-Medica' and based on interferon - a protein secreted by the human immune system in response to the entry into the body of any virus. First tests in 2008 proved that the drug can help to resist avian and swine flu. In 2013 it was successfully tested as the cure for tick borne encephalitis. 

'Vector-Medica', established in 1994, is a producer original drugs based on interferon and other innovative products. Work on the creation of new drugs is conducted in collaboration with scientists from  'Vector', one of the world's leading scientific centres for countering deadly diseases.

The centre is based in Koltsovo, near Novosibirsk.

Inna Nevzorova, marketing director of 'Vector-Medica', said: 'We are now testing our drug 'Reaferon-Lipint', to see if if it has the ability to counteract Ebola. The tests are ongoing. 'The drug was developed a few years ago, and was very successful in fighting flu'.

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Ebola an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus ( Ebola virus ), whose normal host species is unknown. so we should take full awareness for self protect.
timdc, israel
02/03/2015 08:51
It may be able to prolong life & cure Ebola? Well, if it just cures Ebola it would be a major breakthrough. If it does both; it will be a "Miracle"!

PS. Good luck with your research!
Jaker, Dublin/Dundalk & other abodes of address.
08/01/2015 00:39
Sincerely hoping russian scientist share their knowledge and success with all of the World Medical Scientific Instititutions , It would be a grand gesture of such significance that Western Govts couldn't ignore and would bond russian people with the rest of the world populace. A people that have been portrayed as heartless and lacking empathy,-----a pernicious lie , a very myopic and misleading opinion of 160 million people .
Patrick Travers, Perth WA
21/11/2014 16:10

I have gone through your blog "Siberian company tests medicine for countering Ebola" this is such a good topic. I really enjoyed a lot and the blog is really very interesting.

Thanks for this blog.

Medicali Store
igisumanta, India
21/11/2014 11:45

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