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'Average a Westerner can swim in lake Baikal is 1,5 minutes'

Russian scientist admits injecting himself with 3.5 million year old 'eternal life' bacteria

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29 September 2015


Russian scientists are making progress in the search for the elixir of youth by investigating a bacteria named Bacillus F which has remained alive in the permafrost for millions of years. Picture: Anatoli Brouchkov

The Siberian Times disclosed recently how Russian scientists are making progress in the search for the elixir of youth by investigating a bacteria named Bacillus F which has remained alive in the permafrost for millions of years.

Experiments are underway on mice and human blood cells but the man who made the 'sensational' discovery has now admitted he injected himself with the ancient bacteria found in the Sakha Republic, the largest region of Siberia. Anatoli Brouchkov, head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, said he has become a guinea pig for the bacteria.

'I started to work longer, I've never had a flu for the last two years,' he said. 'After successful experiments on mice and fruit flies, I thought it would be interesting to try the inactivated bacterial culture,' he told The Siberian Times.

Anatoli Brouchkov

Dr Anatoli Brouchkov, head of the Geocryology Department, Moscow State University, on Mamontova Gora. Picture: Anatoli Brouchkov

'Besides, the permafrost is thawing, and I guess these bacteria get into the environment, into the water, so the local population, the Yakut people, in fact, for a long time are getting these cells with water, and even seem to live longer than some other nations. So there was no danger for me. '

He stressed: 'It wasn't quite a scientific experiment, so I cannot professionally describe the effects. But it was quite clear for me that I did not catch flu for two years.  Perhaps there were some side-effects, but there should be some special medical equipment to spot them. Of course, such experiments need to be conducted in clinic, with the special equipment and statistics. Then we could say clearly about all the effects.'

In any case, it was too early to market the bacteria despite an undoubted demand for a potion offering eternal life. 'It still needs the experiments. We have to work out how this bacteria prevents ageing. I think that is the way this science should develop. What is keeping that mechanism alive? And how can we use it for our own benefits?'

Bacteria of eternal youth

Bacteria of eternal youth

Bacteria was tested on mice and plants and they are feeling better. Picture:, SurgutInform TV

The bacteria was discovered in 2009 at a place known as Mammoth Mountain. While the bacteria allows older female mice to reproduce, scientists are still aware how it works, and cannot yet identify the secret of its longevity.

Research was needed into 'what keeps that bacteria alive, what is the mechanism preventing the age damages, and how can we use it for our own benefits', he told RT.

Comments (16)

It takes a brave man to step up and inoculate himself with any form of bacteria even after viewing positive results. I admire your willingness to take a leap of faith and do what you did. It was even braver to publish your results whether in a controlled study or not. Good job brother!
Walter David Grotefend, Josephine Alabama USA
01/01/2017 12:45
flu shots are notoriously contaminated and only a fool would allow oneself to be injected from something they know nothing about, just because a 'drug company' said so. it is well known that most all vaccines from the US come from cell lines contaminated with prions and the govt. knows it as do the drug companies.

Bac cereus is a common soil organism, what's the big deal?
med. dr., one up
01/01/2017 03:19
no se como aya evolucionado asta la fecha el experimento pero parece algo ecepcional, no olvidemos que cuando algo bueno sale a la luz no falta que imtereces interfieran para desacreditar a los cientificos de sus descubrimientos ya existen curas para muchas enfermedades y no las an ocultado o an cilenciado a quienes las descubren para que estas personas puedan seguir amasando sus fortunas vendiendo sus tratamientos a precios casi inaxcecibles para el que diga lo contrareo o esta de parte de ellos o es un tonto que no quiere ver la realidad y creo que estan por darce cuenta muchos de ello con los acontecimientos actuales en el mundo, pienso que no debemos de perder las ganas de ayudarnos unos a otros y que entendamos que solo juntos podemos hacerle frente a esas organizaciones llamadas elite que tanto nos perjudican.

ezequiel valtierra, sinaloa,mexico.
08/10/2016 10:39
Is it proven that the human immune system can mitigate this bacteria, or should we his gun be quarantined for observation and testing?
Chris Pinterich, West Virginia, USA
14/10/2015 08:44
All these comments about the flu and all the science stuff, yet all i can think about is the start of the Zombie apocalypse lol... :-D
Z-Day , Australia
07/10/2015 11:35
This is a starting of a new revolution of human being
Manivannan.d, Salem.india
06/10/2015 12:18
Longer live more consuption of food arn't there troubles enough already. This artical and its comment just proof how tunnel visioned researchers are. And why should anyone who sais he hadn't got flu have flu injections in the first place. I haven't got flu for over 20 years without anything else then fresh food and i wish i could say fresh are but thats deffinitly not the case but i do spent my days outside not in buildings i do not have central heating just a wood burner / Well what i am trying to say is that modern live syle kills. Hahaha i got for code 1348 the year black dead spread across europe no joke, but it is funny with this article hhahaha
R, Netherland Amsterdam
02/10/2015 17:01
02/10/2015 06:46
That setup with the plant seedlings is a bogus test experiment that no self respecting scientist would ever conduct. If you are testing a bacterial inoculum, there is no way that you are going to put both sets of seedlings into the same container in order to avoid cross-contamination that is bound to occur during watering. This looks like they simply planted the next batch of seeds a couple of weeks after - so that you have a container of seedlings with two batches of different ages and not that the batch on the fight is 'feeling' better than the other. I do "feel" in a couple of weeks, I am soon going to get spam email offering to sell me a bottle of - "recently discovered billion year old bacteria guaranteed to give eternal life for a small payment of $19.99 + shipping and handling"
Madaza, Trinidad
01/10/2015 21:07
Why isn't Kevin Trudeau selling this? lol
William A., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
01/10/2015 20:56
I would like to understand MORE about how it affected the mice as well as how it was applied to the plants...the photograph of the plants is very intriguing.
Jonathan, Encino, CA
01/10/2015 17:50
The flu shot prevents people from having the flu for years. Some even without the shot for years No one gets the flu every year. Others get it every year just depends. New found energy and working longer ? Now where I can see a use for this is Fibromayalgia patients, Chronic Fatigue syndrome patients, Arthritic Patients and Narcolepsy patients, who have no energy but just to do the dishes and lay down this would be a breakthrough for a pharma corp or a miracle for patients like these. Not having the flu for a few years is normal for many people.
Pax, Az
01/10/2015 09:36
I find this extremely negligent and dangerous. This kind of "experiment" needs to be performed in a controlled environment. This man has essentially created a host though the eternal bacteria is inactivated, other pathogens e.g. flu via means of viral translocation can obtain these traits from the bacteria and emerge as an infective and more resistant forms. Prime examples being outbreak of swine flu, avian flu, hendra virus, HIV when new hosts were introduced.
medical dr, Australia
01/10/2015 09:02
This is a very interesting story. Im a Norwegian researcher working in a "western tradition" which slowly is opening its eyes to such fundamental challenges as HGT from bacteria to plants, or to vertebrates. I myself feel that in the coming years there will be new research priorities for HGT and although possibly more potent when affecting embryonic stages, Im not convinced these mechanisms have true potential in a "mature genotype" (Im paraphrasing the wording from a previous comment). However, even then one must acknowledge that the "good albeit aging" professor obviously has sufficient confidence that this is a constructive treatment. However, it would be interesting to know what exactly he is referring to, when speaking of "perhaps there were some side-effects"...
Marek Cuhra, Tromsø, Norway
01/10/2015 04:06
If this bacteria is everywhere in Sakha republic, why is the life expectancy there so low with respect to other countries? It's 57 years for men and 70 for women, when in most occidental countries it is respectively 74 and 80 years. For Alaska natives it is 68 and 75.
Jean-Pierre, Rennes, France
30/09/2015 16:16

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