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Hack it like a Siberian. Tyumen student wins a $60,000 prize for hacking into Google

By Siberian Times Reporter
15 March 2012

A 20 year old student from Tyumen has won a $60,000 prize for hacking into a Google browser, all in aid of improving security for millions of users worldwide.

Sergei Glazunov, a fourth year student from the Computer Security department of Tyumen State University, was the first in the world to hack into the new Chrome browser.

Google recently became one of the first companies to announce a ‘bugs for money’ world wide competition, aiming to attract the best minds to establish the flaws in their  software.

It took Sergey Glazunov, who is referred to by his University professors and fellow students as ‘one genius of a programmer’ just a minutes to detect the critical mistake in the Google Chrome, it is claimed. 

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