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'The possession of Siberia's natural wealth has become vital in determining Russia’s position in the world'

Silicon Taiga can become a reality to drive Russia forward, Vladimir Putin urged

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12 April 2018


Novosibirsk State University. 

The head of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Valentin Parmon unveiled an ambitious plan to boost science to the Russian president in Novosibirsk,

He called for ‘the accelerated development’ of the Novosibirsk and Tomsk Scientific centres. 

The focus was pure science but also the ‘creation of a powerful technological basis for Russia’.

‘We guarantee we can create 'Silicon Taiga' over a decade, he promised. 

The first tangible results will appear in three-to-five years, he said. 

Novosibirsk State University is one of the top five in Russia, he said. 

GV of Akademgorodok and NSU

A view on the Novosibirsk State University, Akademgorodok and Ob reservoir. Picture: Slava Gelio

He told Putin: ‘We would like it to work more efficiently for the Siberian region and wish that Novosibirsk State University is given the same status as Moscow and St Petersburg state universities.

‘Evidently, we deserve it.’

If it is done the right way ‘the Siberians guarantee that everything will return 100-fold, including well-trained personnel’, he promised Putin. 

The president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev stressed the need for action to  bolster science on the country’s Pacific rim. 

The Far East region - now a key growth area for Russia - is suffering a long term democratic outflow, especially among educated professionals. 

‘What should we do to retain our young researchers? 

‘We must create good living conditions, a high salary and a comfortable urban environment. 

Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University.

‘But it is no less important to launch large anchor projects that will be interesting to them. 

‘These must be competitive and rapidly growing projects that are technologically better than in industrialised neighbouring countries.’

He made clear three such projects are on the launch pad. 

‘First, we propose creating a pilot nuclear medicine centre,’ he said.

'Second, a comprehensive project for the development of deep-water resources in the Pacific Ocean. 

‘And third, building a synchrotron on Russky Island.’

Far Eastern Federal University on the Russky Island.

Far Eastern Federal University

Comments (9)

Russia has all the human capital it needs but they have to have access to the latest technologies in order to compete with the West including the USA. That meets significant investments. A modern country invests in its future and hence the State has to increase its R&D and create an environment that supports its ambitions. There are always risks but innovation has always been risky. Those who are willing to take risks will evenually be rewarded.
Jacob, Sweden
03/09/2018 02:57
@Upset Dad! Could you write us your e-mail to news@siberiantimes.com ?
Alexander, The Siberian Times ,
22/04/2018 23:05
My child graduates this year from a program for advanced students. She wants to leave Russia and study abroad. I have plenty of friends whose children say the same thing. Why? Because "Silicon Taiga" - is JUST TALK. We have heard it all before in a hundred different forms. Medvedev also talked about some Slicon something or other. Where is it? Where?!! This Silicon Taiga will be the same. Our best young people leave - because there is no future for them here. My child will find a way abroad. Others, just as talented (and more so) will also find a way out. It is not hard for them. The West is more than ready to have them.
Upset Dad!, Novosibirsk
22/04/2018 17:24
Given what is going on here in the USA - tightening of Visas for foreign talent as well as disgusted young USA talent leaving the country, other countries such as Russia have an opportunity to attract USA and other foreign talent that might otherwise work here. France, for example, is openly recruiting young USA talent. Vancouver BC Canada is a tech hub as well. Putting science in the magnificent Far East of your country opens a door to creative recruiting opportunities for you.
Phil Jones, Olympia, WA USA
14/04/2018 07:59
Oligarchs rarely invest in pure science or even applied research, where the profits result uncertain and usually long-term. Oligarchs and feudal lords do not constitute states-men. Modern States have the task of move forward societies in a coherent way and strengthen the pillars that make strong the country. That's why it results so important that the State commands the country, and it's one cause why the modern Nation-States succeeded over the middle ages and will last longer that the current cadre of neo-liberal feudal-men. Better make everybody pay taxes and send the money to fund publicly-accountable research.

If the oligarchs take over the responsibilities of the State, or take control of the remains of a State like in Mexico, then it's a failed Nation-State.
Andres Suarez, Mexico
13/04/2018 23:29
I agree with Benedikt, bring the Russian riches currently invested overseas home to Russia. I have no doubt in Russian intellect, character and capabilities. One of my family members, Dr. Boris Petrovich Bakin, was imprisoned and exiled (thankfully not executed) and ended up in Canada (thankfully again because I would not exist if my family had not had to find a different home leading up to, during and post the October Revolution) but Russia was always in their hearts, souls and minds and will always be in mine as well so all the best and please strive for Russian innovation, improved quality of life for everyone and that will also be world leadership.
Pamela K Tetarenko, League City, USA
13/04/2018 21:06
Benedikt Morak is right in what he writes about sciwence, mney and Russia in particular the Far East which is a super land!
William McLean, Copenhagen, Denmark
13/04/2018 19:11
part two and the best motivator is STILL and was ALWAY money, that is a good salary. good and decent priced housing. an environment where people can LIVE and not choke to death. literally and figurally. but just having big plans and waiting for someone else to do the work, will not do. this is not good enough. so also the rector and professors and scientist must do something. not just always wail and complain how hbad everything is here. and wait for VV to put his fist down.it THAT is what they are waiting for, well than ideed fire them all. and get people with ambition to DO and who will say YES WE CAN DO IT!!!!! and have the guts to show the world that RUSSIA was , is and always will be a palce worth to live!
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
13/04/2018 11:57
part one why always wait for the government and VV? now it is time for the -Oligarchs- and other rich people to put their money where their mouth is. they are only interested first and foremost, i profits. nothing wrong with that, that is what every good businessman or CEO should strife for. but now more and more -western- channels are being closed to Russia. so, invest at home. it can be done. Russia has good, well educated, eager young people. but these people also think about the future. wife,kids, home, kindergarten, schooling and the likes.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
13/04/2018 11:56

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