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World Cup goal triggers marriage proposal by Siberian doctor

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28 June 2018


‘We've been talking about a wedding for a long time….' Picture: Social media

Russia is hosting one of the most exciting FIFA World Cup tournaments in years - even if none of the games are further east than Yekaterinburg. 

The medic - originally from Khakassia - was at the Kazan match with his Colombian girlfriend who had travelled half way around the world to study medicine in Tomsk.

He decided to wait until Colombia scored against Poland before proposing in the packed stand. 

Only after 40 minutes did Yerry Mina net the first of three for his country against Poland. 

Immediately, he took out a red box with a ring, and asked for her hand in marriage.

'I said yes!', said Karen.

'You know, I speechless. I cried! 





Immediately, he took out a red box with a ring, and asked for her hand in marriage. Pictures: Evgeniy Evnevich

'I love football, so we decided to go to the World Cup matches. And here it is.'

The groom-to-be said: ‘We've been talking about a wedding for a long time….

'The wedding will be in Cartagena in February and we also plan to celebrate it in Russia.'

The pair first met at the cinema watching ‘The Fall of London’.

Karen came to Russia to study at the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk.

Karen and Sergei

Karen and Sergei

Sergei Pokidov and  Karen-Margarita Ruiz-Correa. Pictures: Social media

'I chose Russia, because I wanted to get a good education,' she said.

'Then I met Sergei. He's a paediatrician, I'm a traumatologist. 

'I do not know exactly when I fell in love with him. 

'At the beginning my Russian was very poor, much worse than now. 

'He helped me, I felt comfortable and safe next to Sergei. 

'He introduced me to Russian culture, helped me to get used to people. 



Karen studies at the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk and Sergei works as paediatrician. 

'At first we were friends, but then some new feeling sparked.’

Despite this, she confessed;: ‘He's is not very romantic, so his proposal surprised me.’

Sergei had graduated earlier from the same university. 

Now he works as a doctor in the Children's City Hospital No. 2 in Tomsk.

Both are in their 20s.

Comments (1)

Congratulations to the couple! And lots of the best wishes too :-)
William McLean, Copenhagen, Denmark
03/07/2018 23:04

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