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Krasnoyarsk confirms its challenge for the 2019 World Winter Student Games

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22 November 2012


Krasnoyarsk challenges Quebec in Canada and the Swiss canton of Valais for the Universiade-2019. Pictured: Krasnoyarsk Beaver Log park, The Siberian Times

'The next step for us is to take advantage of this right and to convince everyone that we are the best and have every opportunity to organise an event with such a big level,' said Lev Kuznetsov, the governor of Krasnoyarsk Region.

'This is an important event not only in terms of the development of sport, but also for the entire city'.

He insisted: 'We believe in ourselves and are ready to prove that in the Krasnoyarsk region live people who are making plans for the future and able to implement them'.

The city - which boasts downhill ski-ing within easy reach for all residents - has a reputation as one of Russia's most sporting places. 

'We understand that we represent not only Krasnoyarsk, and Siberia, but also the entire country,' said Kuznetsov. 'This imposes upon us a great responsibility. But we are sure that we can handle all the tasks that need to be addressed during the preparation and holding of the Universiade'.

Krasnoyarsk challenges Quebec in Canada and the Swiss canton of Valais for the Universiade-2019

Student Katerina Detsura, 20, celebrating first snow in Krasnoyarsk 'Beaver Log' fun park. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The bid, confirmed by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in Lausanne, Switzerland, is said to be brainchild of Sergei Gorov, regional minister of sports, tourism and youth policy.

'Krasnoyarsk is ready to hold a forum of any level, be it a federal or an international one,' said Gurov. 'We have all preconditions for this - history, money, and people's energy. We accumulated much experience back in Soviet era. 

'We have a host of sports facilities, and we are mapping out a program of the construction of more such facilities in the future. 

'We are already preparing for the 2019 Winter Universiade even though the host city is yet to be picked. Even if our bid fails, we will continue to construct sports facilities and train athletes.'

Krasnoyark is tapping the expertise of Kazan, which next year hosts the World Summer Student Games, as well as the specialists who secured for Russia the Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi in 2014, and the football World Cup in 2018. 

Tennis star Dinara Safina has been appointed special envoy for the games in Kransoyarsk. 'I am confident that this city is a worthy host of the

games of such a high level,' she said. 'The hosting of the Universiade will open up new prospects for the city development - new buildings, dozens of thousands of athletes and visitors from all corners of the world, new opportunities for training future stars of the national and world sports'.

Comments (3)

Ekaterina certainly looks like one happy student:)
snowflake, P
22/11/2012 23:49
I know nothing about Universiade but Krasnoyarsk looks a nice place to visit
Mikhal, Slovakia
22/11/2012 23:47
Can we go somewhere warmer?
Fred, Switzerland
23/11/2012 00:00

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