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'Siberia?! Hardly a holiday destination!'

Yes!! Smiling Natalia Vorobieva wins wrestling Gold in London

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10 August 2012


'I got fed up with people saying that wrestling is not for girls', Natalya said. Picture: Natalya Solovyeva personal archieve 

Thrilled by her victory in the final of the women's 72 kilogram freestyle,  she said the real fight was to get into the Russian team.

Once there, she knew she would return home to Irkutsk region with a Gold, she revealed. 

'I didn't think about the idea of winning gold because the competition to get in to the Russian team was extremely hard,' said the triple junior world champion.

'But the moment I learned I was in the team I knew that I would be there standing on the podium getting the gold medal.'

Her foe won the first round 1-0 but was pinned by Vorobieva 46 seconds into the second round.

'I lived in Tulun, Irkutsk region,' she said. 'There was nothing much to do there, this is why I got into wrestling. My mother still lives there.'

She told 'I got fed up with people saying that wrestling is not for girls. 

Tulun, Irkursk region, Sibera

City Hall in the town of Tulun, Irkutsk region, Eastern Siberia. Picture: Tulun City Hall 

'People say it like twice a day. But it's the 21st century. In the earlier days a woman was sitting at home, bringing children up, cooking borsch.'

She was also quoted saying: 'My parents were absolutely against my idea, especially my mum. But later she was the one who understood me well.

'I was repeatedly told that wrestling is not for women. But everybody has his/her own point of view. There are so many things that a woman should not do, but to put it more accurately - she should do. 

'She should sit at home, cook and so on. But we live in the 21st century, many things have changed - women drive a car, do business and run enterprises. Why not wrestling? What about cooking? I will think about this later.'

Natalya added: 'I'll get on with having kids when I quit.'

Born in Tulun, 390 km northwest of Irkutsk, she moved to St Petersburg at the age of 16 to progress with her sport. 

Her ambitions clearly go beyond sport as she is a student at the prestigious St Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation, where she is training to be an economist.

For Zlateva, it was her second straight loss in an Olympic final after losing the gold medal match to China's Wang Jiao in Beijing four years ago.

Earlier this week, Greco-Roman wrestler Rustam Totrov from Tyumen won an Olympic silver medal in the 96kg category along with praise from the region's governor about how he is a role model for children.

'This is a graphic example for thousands of boys and girls that persistence in sport, devotion to your work, and striving for victory make it possible to attain universal recognition,' said Vladimir Yakushev said in a congratulatory telegram. 

'Don't doubt, the Tyumen Region rejoice with you, all of us are happy about your medal and are ready to support you in the struggle for future victories.'

Since 2010 Totrov, 28, has been training at the sport training centre in the Tyumen Region with coach Sergei Vorobyev.

He has also won silver  at the World Cup in 2011, bronze at the World Championship in 2011, and silver medal at the Russian Championships in 2011. 

The Tyumen wrestler became Russian champion this year.

Comments (4)

great wrestler , wish i had a girlfriend like you
akshay deswal, india
10/10/2012 22:26
Also good to see Lyubov Volosova bring a bronze back to Buryatia!
Luke, Manchester
12/08/2012 18:36
on that picture with sunglasses she looks like Kristen Stewart!
Sarah, UK
11/08/2012 00:34
my she is a stunner!!! can we have more stories about her please
James, London, now Moscow
10/08/2012 16:04

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