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'That time Barnaul was undoubtedly the most cultural corner of Siberia. I named it Siberian Athens'

Is this the bravest cat in the East?

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22 October 2012


Get away from me land! Syoma the cat with his most unusual play mate. Picture: Sergei Krasnoschekov

His day job is to keep the mice at bay in houses at an entry post to the magnificent Kronotsky Nature Reserve in the volcanic Kamchatka peninsula, in the extreme east of Russia. 

Locals say Syoma does it well. 

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

Beware the cat - Syoma walks Kronotsky Nature Reserve in the volcanic Kamchatka peninsula. Picture: Sergei Krasnoschekov

After the arduous work, it's time to play. In Syoma's case, this is with someone a little bigger than him. 

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

A-a-are you ready to play? The fox is seen approaching the cat.  Pictures: Sergei Krasnoschekov

Syoma is a cat with character, and I learned it from the first few seconds of our acquaintance. My attempt to pat the animal ended with him hissing, scratching and biting.

Of course, he tolerated me after that - it was only for show.

Once, as a kitten, young Syoma was almost stolen and carried away in the claws of some white night bird. The truth is that that time nothing bad happened and the cat came back slightly injured, but safe and sound.

Now, a year older, Syoma has made friends with some of the locals, including this fox who regularly appears to play with the cat.

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

Easy, easy... at some point it is not clear whether animals are about to start playing - or fighing. Picture: Sergei Krasnoschekov

Syoma seriously tries to defend his territory. 

The fox in my opinion, is just teasing the cat, making him play and run.

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

Chase you! Russian photographer captures unique moments of cat and fox playing.  Pictures: Sergei Krasnoschekov

Yet both seem to be having fun, and this does not appear to be an all-out territorial battle.  

There is no question of Syoma being intimidated.

The fox flirts and comes closer to the cat, and Syoma with a serious face tries to drive the fox away. 

But then they run round and round the post on the edge of the nature reserve each happily pursuing their own goals. 

For the cat it's a good warm-up before going to bed. After such exercises he has a very deep and long sleep.

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

cat and fox, by Sergei Krasnoschekov

I gonna get you! The fox is happy to be chased.  Pictures: Sergei Krasnoschekov

Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Kamchatka is one of Russia's oldest wildlife reserves, founded under Stalin in 1934.

With it's harsh climate and volcanoes and geysers, it is described as the Land of Fire and Ice.

Lake Kronotsky is the largest in Kamchatka, with the 3528 metre Kronotsky Volcano towering above it.

Comments (10)

in Turkey there is primal cat "Van". It is also a white cat race and one of them made friendship with a fox. It is so cute to watch how they play. You'll find with title : Van kedisi ve Tilki.
Chinghis, Turkey
23/01/2023 11:41
When I lived in Sweden in the early eighties, my cat (a big male called Bouboule) faught with a fox one night and won - the fox didn't come back. I was very proud of him!
Hanne Farèse, Arles, France
02/01/2020 19:41
We have a male Beagle dog and a female Bengal cat that are practically lovers. They hate to be separated, cuddle up to sleep together. Why not a fox and a cat? I love reading the Siberian times.
P.Sylvia Garrett, Hallsville, USA
02/09/2015 14:20
this cat and fox are so cool. Great pics of nature and the antics of wildlife.
bob rowlands, fredricksburg va usa
21/03/2015 05:33
We had a fox used to come into our back garden(uk), we have 6 cats, he used to rub up against them and them to him, as though they were all friends. I think he was more scared of them than the other way round.
natalie, bilston
16/01/2015 01:13
The Fox and the Cat... Walt Disney type story for cartoons
Alexander, Las Vegas, Nevada
29/12/2012 08:06
Love the pics! Syoma is adorable))
Katya, Ukraine
25/10/2012 21:51
Bears, tigers, wolves but you don't expect a little moggy attacking you in Siberia !
Bryn, Swansea
22/10/2012 16:41
Awwww playing with the fox... who could have thought that a cat and a fox can become friends)
Michaela, Moldova
22/10/2012 16:12
My grandmother's dog used to do the same thing with the local fox... it was all in good fun for both of them... and beautiful to watch.
Don Jolson, Seoul, South Korea
22/10/2012 16:03

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