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Police examine 'occult' link to animal cruelty case as new 'pet cemetery' found

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 October 2016

Second female student held under house arrest in shocking Khabarovsk case: but is a disturbing sexual fetish behind the savagery?

 Police examine 'occult' link to animal cruelty. Picture: Social media


Two students who live as neighbours are now under investigation over horrific cruelty to pets with the suspicion they are linked to an occult sect.

Alyona Savchenko, 17, and Alina Orlova, also 17 but her age was previously given as 20, were both members of a now-deleted social media group called Mortem where users shared pictures of animal dissection and killed pets.

The pair fell under suspicion after they allegedly shared revolting pictures of the 'torture' of dogs, cats and birds. It is believed occult images were drawn on building where the girls allegedly killed the animals. 

Alyona Savchenko

Alina Orlova

Alyona Savchenko, 17, (top) and Alina Orlova, also 17, (bottom) were both members of a now-deleted social media group called Mortem where users shared pictures of animal dissection and killed pets. Pictures: Social media

In one picture, Alyona holds a puppy's heart with the caption: 'It's for you Anubis' - the original Egyptian 'god of the dead'. She is reported to have called herself the 'Devil's Duchess' when she was detained in Novosibirsk. She claimed 'she needs to be constantly covered in blood to feel warmth'.

Her clothing in online postings is shown smeared in blood. Initially Savchenko was detained under house arrest, but Orlova was given protection as a witness.

Now Orlova has been held as a second suspect, also under house arrest, and investigations are underway into whether a larger group is involved. The pair are being investigating for crimes which could lead to two years in prison. 

For Anubis

Alyona poses Alyona poses

Alyona holds a puppy's heart with the caption: 'It's for you Anubis'. Her clothing in online postings is shown smeared in blood. Pictures: Social media

A spokesman for the Investigative Committee, equivalent of the FBI, said: 'During a search of one suspect's apartment, the skull of a cat was found. Home computers and phones were seized for analysis. It should be noted that investigators are checking the involvement of others in the crime.' 

Animal protection campaigners have also asked investigators to examine where a 'hard crush fetish' is involved, whether people obtain sexual arousal from seeing young women crush small animals.

There are fears the animals were killed to make videos, possibly sold to China. Animal protection campaigner Anastasia Fedyanina said: 'Masochists viewing these videos imagine themselves in the place of the tortured animals. The role of the torturers is usually taken by prostitutes or young woman with a sadistic inclinations.' 

Pets remains

Pets remains

Pets remains

Pets remains

The cruelty involves 'dozens' of animals, and activists recent found a pet cemetery in an abandoned building in Khabarovsk. Pictures: VostokMedia

Such videos are in big demand in China. According to Fedyanina the cost of such videos is from $18 to $35 for the murder of a mouse or a rabbit, from $180 to $220 - for torturing a puppy or kitten. 

'On average, per day are sold about 12 videos with rabbits and four with kittens or puppies,' she said.

The cruelty involves 'dozens' of animals, and activists recent found a pet cemetery in an abandoned building in Khabarovsk. This involved at least two cashes with bones of puppies, and the remains of adult dog. 

Yulia Patsyuk

Yulia Patsyuk: 'I don't understand all this panic on the internet.' Picture: Social media

Two other friends of the pair, one male and one female, have been linked to the case but have not been detained. One Yulia Patsyuk, 17, has denied any involvement while adding: 'I don't understand all this panic on the internet.'

She claimed she became suspicious of her friend Savchenko when she showed her a picture of 'a cat with its belly cut open'. A neighbour said that stray dogs had 'started disappearing' in the summer. 

Torture Black puppy

Another white dog was hung by its collar and shot with an air gun. A black dog was was 'crucified' and dissected. Pictures: Social media

'We gather stray dogs, feed them, vaccinate them and find them new owners. And in the middle of the summer puppies started disappearing somewhere.' 

The concern over the pair under house arrest came after pictures were published showing a dog nailed to a wall. Another white dog was hung by its collar and shot with an air gun. A black dog was was 'crucified' and dissected.

Baseball bats, chemical liquids, tongs, and other instruments of torture were used on the animals, the pictures showed.

In Moscow, there was a rally in front of the Khabarovsk region's office to protest about the cruelty.

Comments (10)

Hope this investigation leads to research of cultural phenomenon where helpless are sacrificed for someones identity ... or what is this? Killing pets is so easy that it is pathetic. Now days animal sacrifices are vain, for vanity, we dont have to eat animals anymore, we have enough knowledge to live in cities vegetarian food.
Sarianna, Tervamäki
29/07/2018 21:55
14/01/2018 11:49
Hi, this an interesting article. You have described very well. The really descriptive post you have shared with us. Excellent post.
16/12/2017 18:53
All this hoopla over animals cut up when 1000's of children are tortured and dismembered annually in usa and around the world in satanic rituals. (SRA) Put these twits to work in a slaughterhouse.

Convicted pedophiles (like Clinton & Trump buddy Jeffrey Epstein) continue to abuse and murder children with impunity. Where is the outrage??
brent, usa
29/08/2017 01:27
These rotten vermin should be hung and left to die in pain .nothing will ever be sufice for these putrid fir the crime they have committed..
Rachael, Australia
24/07/2017 14:47
Everyone, anyone, all of them on the site "Mortem" should be investigated including these girls who quite obviously are mentally depraved and deranged. Absolutely sickening, disheartening disgraceful and shameful they are. ALL OF THEM need to be put away for a very long time for they are not safe to walk free amongst the public nor are they never to be allowed to be in posession of or within 500 feet of an animal for the rest of their lives and only after they've served their time both in hospital and prison as well as a hefty fine to be donated to the rescue groups they got their victims from. I'm absolutely outraged!!!
Ellyn LaVine , Orlando Florida U.S.
15/07/2017 19:50
These girls can't be allowed to get away with this shit,all psychotic serial killers start off torturing animals,left unpunished,they'll do it to kids next.You have to be seriously fucked up to take pleasure from the pain & distress of an animal,they tied one dogs mouth so it couldn't defend itself then gouged out it's eye & I notice it was all cats,puppies & small dogs,obviously not brave enough to crucify a pitbull
lynn Williamson , edinburgh
19/04/2017 02:42
It no think to with how there brought up. If there born to kill they will kill. Come on how many kids I've seen had grate up bringing and there just plain evil. They won't change there ways there just sick and mentally ill they should be locked sway for the rest off there life x
angelina ricketts, england
24/01/2017 00:13
Well they can't say they didn't kill anyone there pichured again. On here. They must be guilty throw away the keys the ugly retards scums. X
angelina ricketts, england
24/01/2017 00:07
Where did these young people learn such cruelty. Children are born good until corrupted. Good morals and values are learned in the home and from society. is it too late for them?
Tecress aune, Saint John, Canada
12/11/2016 02:55

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