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'I love Siberian women, they are incredible'
French actress Carole Bouquet, 2014

Teenage girls in shocking animal abuse and mutilation case are charged with cruelty

By The Siberian Times reporter
20 January 2017

Students and male 'accomplice' to face justice accused of torturing and killing dogs and cats, posting pictures online, and other crimes.

Alina Orlova, 18, and Alyona Savchenko, 17, in the court room. Picture: DVhab


The three were outed on the internet before police took action, and they could now face up to ten years in jail if convicted of this and other offences. 

Alina Orlova, 18, and Alyona Savchenko, 17, 'systematically abused animals, mutilated, and killed them with the use of sadistic methods', said the Investigative Committee, in charge of probing serious cases.

Online pictures of their vicious cruelty to dogs and cats was posted online, say investigators in Khabarovsk. The animals were alleged to have been struck with a bat, bound, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out, and hanged.

Alina Orlova in the court room

Alyona Savchenko in the court room

They could now face up to ten years in jail. Picture: DVhab

The pair will also be charged with a separate allegation of armed robbery, while Savchenko and male friend Valery Smyshlyaev, 18, faces court accused of duping a man on a date with an underage girl, and then seeking to blackmail him by accusing him of being a paedophile. Investigators indicated they believed he had knowledge of the animal cruelty. 

Orlova had initially denied her involvement but her distinctive tattoo was seen on online pictures. 

When Savchenko was detained, it was alleged she called herself the 'Devil's Duchess', and in one image she was shown holding a recently-killed puppy's heart with the  caption: 'It's for you Anubis' - the original Egyptian 'god of the dead'. 

She claimed that she needed 'to be constantly covered in blood to feel warmth', she said. Her clothing in macabre online postings is shown smeared in blood from the dead animals. 

Viktor Smyshlyaev

Viktor Smyshlyaev

Valery Smyshlyaev, 18, faces court accused of duping a man on a date with an underage girl, and then seeking to blackmail him by accusing him of being a paedophile. Pictures: The Siberian Times

One witness told how Savchenko showed her a picture of 'a cat with its belly cut open', and people reported that stray dogs had 'started disappearing' last summer.

Images showed a dog nailed to a wall, according to local reports. A white dog was hung by its collar and shot with an air gun. A black dog was was 'crucified' and dissected. 

Baseball bats, chemical liquids, tongs, and other instruments of torture were used on the animals, pictures posted online showed. 

Both teenagers were said to be members of a now-deleted social media group called Mortem where users shared pictures of animal dissection and  killed pets.

Alyona Savchenko

Alyona called herself the 'Devil's Duchess', and in one image she was shown holding a recently-killed puppy's heart with the caption: 'It's for you Anubis' - the original Egyptian 'god of the dead'. Pictures: The Siberian Times

The case involves 'dozens' of tortured animals, and a 'pet cemetery' in an abandoned building in Khabarovsk with the 'bones of puppies, and the remains of an adult dog', say reports. 

A spokesman for the committee said: 'During a search of one suspect's apartment, the skull of a cat was found. Home computers and phones were seized for analysis.'

Animal protection campaigner Anastasia Fedyanina had urged the Investigative Committee to examine whether the animals were killed as part of a 'hard crush' sexual fetish with videos of young women slaughtering animals supplied to China. 

Alina Orlova

Orlova, a university student, posted a social media message saying: 'I did not kill anyone and do not intend to kill ...' Pictures: The Siberian Times

She said at the time: 'Masochists viewing these videos imagine themselves in the place of the tortured animals. The role of the torturers is usually taken by prostitutes or a young woman with sadistic inclinations.' 

The committee has not made clear if this forms part of the case to be heard later this year in court. 

Orlova, a university student, posted a social media message saying: 'I would like to speak in my defence.... I do not know who has put this stuff to the Internet - it is not the first time somebody wants to frame me. But I did not kill anyone and do not intend to kill ...'

Comments (34)

Brent USA, that's like saying all law enforcement should only investigate murder & f@#$ all other crimes. I.e. "Woman was beaten, paralysed & violated but hold the "hoopla" police not available for a non murder crime." Obviously sacrificing people is seriously f&%$#d up & I'm sure if there's an article about it there would be A LOT OF "hoopla" about it.

Right on! Lynn Williamson & Ellyn LaVine u took the words right out of my keyboard. These immature sadistic pieces of s$%# need to be tried as adults, locked up for at the very least 5yrs, then after their release pay a massive fine donated to the rescue groups, 10yrs formal probation, 12-24months of community service serving animals(under close supervision) & finally placed on informal probation, micro chipped & ankle bracelet until their 60yrs old because the sick perverted demons will turn into serial killers if given the freedom to do so.
Oscar, USA Orange CA
01/03/2020 15:08
04/09/2019 15:32
It is human tragedy when animal killed in this way beings so much anger, but the silent screaming of the aborted unborn, ripped apart alive and fighting the doctors tool, brings not even a raised eyebrow. The animals eat each another alive and screaming, and that is law of nature. If we save the unborn first, then saving animals is not wrong but we must not murder our babies but think the animals are like a God. They are not. The animals torture each another and do not care for us like we care for them. The abortion is such a satan. This world is an ill place today indeed!!!
Vasiliy, Hudson Bay
28/07/2019 04:07
I have just seen this. Been a long time coming for them to receive justice. These three cannot escape what's coming for them. It will be unseen and unheard. She is nothing to the devil and Anubis would want nothing to do with her ugly horrid spirit. She will be cast into an eternal dream of reliving what she did to those innocent animal spirits day in day out. It's coming for you three you just dont know it yet. Prison was the easy part. The ring leader Alyona is the ugliest of all and will be the one who suffers the most. She is no goddess and has no power like she thinks. She will get what's coming. It's already written but we just dont always know when it will happen. One thing is for sure is that she will not stop doing stuff and will move onto people. She should be eliminated but Russia dont have the courage to do it.
Luna Merek, England
11/06/2019 22:19
Animal cruelty is depravity and senseless and as long as these people get light charges or sentences the problem will grow. They need prison and psychiatric care, not release on probation. This behavior is mental illness of the worst kind. If they are involved in crush videos, they are completely without shame, remorse and should be kept away from society. The USA has a multitude of Animal Rights and protection against cruelty to animals in every city and state. Even with this, the cruel and sick behavior continues. If you see something- then say something. Don't be a bystander. Get involved to help- in any ways you can.
Terry Blanchard, San Diego, California
17/09/2018 05:37
I agree with another posting that President Putin needs to know of this case. I do believe he is an animal lover. Perhaps his awareness of case will insure a severe sentence, and further investigation.
Philip N Mayo, United States
10/09/2018 00:39
What scum! They all need to be put in the crazy house in a padded room with a straight jacket till death. No mercy for them, they had none for these innocent animals
Dnich, FL, USA
16/07/2018 00:42
Send them to texas were the second they touch are border they will have a firing line of over a million people waiting with Barrett 50 cals hand guns and assault rifles loaded with AP, HE, HV, holo point , incendiary , rounds waiting for em .
Smith, USA
17/05/2018 04:13
Send this article to President Putin. He's an animal lover and will make sure that these two sick girls are put away for good. A horrible, sickening story.
Frances, USA
09/03/2018 01:12
I wish these people the worst in life.
They deserve to suffer and i would enjoy it to the fullest.
Olof, Sweden
03/03/2018 13:48
Send the to the men’s prison in general population. Let them be raped, sodomized, and abused until death. These vermin don’t deserve to continue breathing and eating.
Jack, Orange, Ca. USA
24/01/2018 06:29
Crucifying a little puppy - and all the other vile deeds they did - give me a torture chamber and the lot of them chained to the wall and I'd give them justice. Scum.
Ned Masterson, UK
26/12/2017 03:25
I hope the good people of russia see fit to exterminate those two deviants at some stage
Woody, Belfast
25/12/2017 06:02
Useless nothings.
scott, nz
01/12/2017 21:15
Small animals are just the beginning. Once these vermin are out they'll move on to people. Keep em in their cages I say!
TMcBride, USA
25/11/2017 12:08

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