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Siberian miracle baby 'brought back from the dead'

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12 November 2012


There was no immediate explanation of how medics failed to check the child earlier. File picture, The Siberian Times 

A new-born baby was rescued from a morgue in Ulan-Ude after shocked staff realised the tiny boy was alive. 

The child's mother Natalya Zarubina, 20, gave birth prematurely at home after suffering abdominal pains while not realising she was pregnant.

The baby - weighing slightly under 500 grams (1.1 pounds) - appeared to be dead and her family put the 'remains' in a plastic bag as they rushed the student to the Republican Gynaecological Hospital of Buryatia.

'From what she said the contractions started about midnight, then the delivery happened two hours later, at about 2 am,' said chief doctor Gennadiy Ligai.

'We admitted her at 6 am'.

The doctor said initial concerns were with Zarubina's condition, because they were told the baby was dead.

'The baby was delivered to us inside a plastic bag. This is what the family put him in. 

'We didn't wrap him (to warm him up). We took it that it was a still-born foetus. 

'There was no visible life signs, the skin was blue and cold, there was no breathing. So he was sent for an autopsy'. Fortunately, the morgue was warm. 

'Then he was put into  warmer conditions, his limbs started to move. Somebody spotted it and screamed for help - so the baby was brought back to us. 

'I've never had a case like this in my life'.

Chief pediatrician Natalya Gomboyeva said: 'The baby was obviously supercool, therefore doctors did not recognise that he was alive. We will set up an internal investigation into this case later.'

Some reports say the baby was transported to the morgue in a cardboard box. It is believed several hours elapsed before the baby showed signs of life in the morgue. Seeing the remarkable signs of life, they rushed the child back to intensive care. 

'We are so shocked,' said Valentina, the mother's elder sister.

'We had no idea about her pregnancy - and she said she didn't realise it either. Our little boy was taken to the intensive care unit, and doctors are figuring out how could they miss it that he was alive all along.

'We are still shattered. Natasha (Natalya) is very petite, but there was no hint of bump'. 

Natalya is a student of a cooking college in Ulan-Ude, capital of Buryatia, as reported by local Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

Ulan-Ude, Buryatia

Colourful: the buiding of Buddist datsan, which acts as both monastery and university, Ulan-Ude, Buryatia. Picture: The Siberian Times 

'Teachers refer to her as a shy and modest girl, who doesn't smoke and or take alcohol.'

She had a boyfriend named as Nikolai Gagarin who left to study in Novosibirsk several months ago and they 'lost touch' so he doesn't even know that he became a father. 

Attempts to reach his mobile number failed, it was reported. 

Unexpected and miraculous as the child's birth has been, Natasha is determined the keep her son, vowing: 'I won't leave my baby, he is mine, I love him. 

'I wonder if it was flu vaccine that prompted the contractions. The doctors asked if I was pregnant before giving me the jab, but I said 'no', as I had no idea that I was. 

'I was also attending PE classes like all the others, and running and jumping. 

'As soon as doctors allow me, I'm taking my boy home. I've even got a name for him - Kupriyan.'

Doctors say they are optimistic that the boy will survive.

Vera Bulavko, Deputy Chief Doctor of Buryatia Republican Children Clinical Hospital, now caring for the child, said: 'The boy was born weighing 490 grams. 

'His heart and kidneys are working fine, his body has no physical deformations or abnormalities. He is still in intensive care unit, and will stay there. We won't give forecasts but there is certainly  good hope for him to make it, and we are doing everything possible to help.'

There was no immediate explanation of how medics failed to check the child earlier.

The case happened almost a month ago, and has been made public only now. 

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