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'The shortest Russian street is in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia: 40 metres long, its only got three buildings'

Siberian teenager 'sells her virginity for $27,950'

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01 November 2013


The lot was described as 'virginity', and the condition: 'new - not used'. Picture: The Siberian Times

The young woman, who is only known by her nickname 'Shatuniha': 'I am in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess. I am ready to meet up soon, even as soon as tomorrow, and I am ready to have my virginity verified. I can come to a hotel at Predmostnaya Square with a document confirming my virginity, and with a person who will take the cash and leave, so that I am not fooled.

'This person will take away the money, but I will stay... The money should be cash only.'

On the online auction site - - the lot was described as 'virginity', and the condition: 'new - not used'. It was part of an auction called: 'Children grow up.'

The offer appeared on 30 October and by a day later a deal had been done for 900,000 roubles, or $27,950, which was 100,000 roubles, or $3,100 above the starting price.

The buyer's name was given as Evgeniy Volnov, but no details about him were published. 

Virginity sale Siberia

Virginity sale Siberia

The police said they had 'no right to give a moral assessment of girl's actions'. Picture: The Siberian Times

The police in Krasnoyarsk appeared satisfied the deal was genuine and said it broke no laws.

'This situation is neither an administrative nor a criminal violation,' said a spokesman. 'Nor does it fit into a description of the 'Prostitution' clause from the Code of the Administrative Violations'. The police said they had 'no right to give a moral assessment of girl's actions'.

It appeared that the same woman had offered to sell her virginity on another site at the age of 17 in April 2013. At the time, she said: 'I am 17, very soon I am turning 18. I want to urgently sell my virginity. I want to sell it at a very expensive price to someone who can properly appreciate it.

'I have no bad habits, and I am nice looking. I live in Krasnoyarsk but I am ready to travel to any other city'.

Comments (37)

dat Neva 2ru rich guys dnt get all d gud stuff ....
Richmond, Ghana
03/11/2013 03:18
Who fckng cares?
J, Texas
03/11/2013 02:25
As a person who knows more than one plastic surgeon that does a fair trade in re-constructing hymens for the Hassidic girls' "first" time with her new husband, I am getting a real kick out of this!
Minister Rutherford, NY, NY USA
02/11/2013 23:46
Rich guys get all the good stuff.
DCM, Texas
02/11/2013 23:45
I hope the winner was gross, fat, and ugly.
Nix, Kingdom of Latveria
02/11/2013 23:31
Are you sure she didnt pay him to get rid of her problem?

Curious, New, Bar
02/11/2013 16:51
if its not a trick to get more attention to the auction, which I doubt, then at least she is fair in her own very weird way. I still think virginity has to do smth with first love - but realistically how many of girls do lose it with a boy/man they love and not during some drunken party
Mel L, Australia
02/11/2013 13:25

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